From fat to fit ( A plus size riders diary)

I like ice cream. Both posh home made and cheap from a van. OH and I had a lovely sunny walk this morning and then an ice cream cornet from the van. And then lunch in the garden as one should not skip lunch.
You are an inspiration to me. I keep your mantra in my head. Eat less, move more.
However, I am so tired the day after I have ridden, that I simply cant go for a walk. OH goes alone.
I rode Ella for only 1 hour.
Are you tired after riding? Or is it just me being old?
No wonder you're feeling good about yourself - the difference is astounding. Really well done.
July 10 2022 was my last entry here….. so much has changed in my life. It the 11 feb 2024….. when black dog was put to sleep last year, Gucci was very sad so I sent about finding another little dog as company for him…. Well softie that I am found a Shih Tzu pup called Armani I took him home and couldn’t stop thinking about his delightful little brother. Versace… I had split them up I felt rubbish so the next next day we drove back to buy and collect Versace…. Anyhow bring me back to this thread I have been walk-in h the pups since Oct just little walks slowly gettting longer as they learned the fun fun of the big bad world out there.

Fast forward to New year joined end to end , virtual walking challenge lands end to John o groats I have from New Year’s Day till New Year’s Eve 2024 to complete 870 something miles. I decided I would only record my walks with the Shih Tzu’s so Jan 2024 40.38 recorded miles ; more like 55 if I didn’t keep forgetting my phone but hey ho…

weight loss in 3 weeks in Jan official weight at the drs weighed twice 9lbs was not expecting that WOW ❤️plan to try do 60 miles in February wish us luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀🤞🏼
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