Gel Pads!


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Oct 28, 2004
i would like to know people's experiences of using gel pads/cushions, what kinds you recommend, etc.

we currently use a wool pile type numnah but when we start jumping this summer i thought it would be good to get him a normal numnah and a gel pad to relieve pressure/absorb any shock.

he is very high withered so any pads good for that fitting in particular?
do they slip back at all? do they go between the numnah and saddle?

thanks :D

p.s just a few quick questions off the top of my head i wish i'd posted earlier! now i must go to bed so i can get up again at ridiculous hours :rolleyes:

Pink's lady

Nov 2, 2004
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Remember that a thick pad, especially a gel pad, will make the saddle MUCH narrower - so unless you're saddles been fitted too wide to allow you to use a gal pad, I'd forget it. I use a gel-type pad for the elderly horse at the moment since she's lost a little weight and so her saddles a little wide. It makes her saddle almost a whole width fitting narrower.

They're heavy and pull down across the spine, so you'll struggle if he's high withered.

If you're saddle fit is wide enough to accomidate a thick pad, you'd be best off with a prolite.