Gracie's Boot Camp 2019


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Starting a new diary as Gracie has commenced a boot camp this week and I will be posting videos so that prograss an be seen and compared as she progresses.

After the education she had last summer, we then had the plethora of bad back and saddle problems which meant that a lot of the good work was undone, along with muscle tone, so Gracie now evades me again as she knows I have trouble maintaining my aids. So I have employed the yard instructor/fellow livery, to ride her for me a few times to "remind" her and build up some muscle. I am there watching and hop on to practise too, so it's a kind of joint effort.

This is ridden session one. As you can see, Gracie is overbent but at least she's not throwing her head up. This was further into the 45 min session when she had knuckled down a bit and she was lifting her back more and stepping through. Hopefully today I will be able to get a vid of her taking chopping strides, as a record! But this was a little better...

Canter is a real challenge as Gracie doesn't really step through with her hinds yet and looks a bit like a llama! But again, my instructor did a good job!

Yesterday was a ground work day and I will post about that, with vids, later as I have to get ready for work now!
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