Great lesson (but horse in the wrong place at the wrong time)


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Jun 16, 2002
NSW, Australia
First off, I've only been back to riding for about 7 weeks now (so 7 lessons), and I'm loving it! I can't understand how I coped with having a one year break from riding! :D

I rode the lovely Arci today (pronounced Arkey, she's an Appaloosa) and we did a lot of cantering and jumping. She was being a bit of a pain, trying to turn into the jumps too early, so I really had to struggle to keep her out on the track for longer and make my turns more deep. She was going really nicely apart from that. At the end of the lesson we quickly practiced coming into jumps from an angle, and Arci tried to stop before the jumps. She was testing me a bit since I'm hew new rider, but I made her go over each time! :D

Anyway, it was a fantastic and very fun lesson. My instructor said I have a canter position to die for, and that it's divine (and she can usually be quite stern so this was a pleasure to hear)! :D I was really pleased to hear that, as I get quite nervous cantering but my position has improved heaps! :) We (me and the person I ride with) had just left the arena, and we were heading back to the stables when we see this horse standing there outside, and about three or four people crowded around it, and then 3 rangers taking photos of the horse. I knew something was up, and when we got close enough I looked back at the horse I saw it's front right leg (on the lower shoulder) had been cut open, and flaps of skin were hanging off! :( It didn't look too nice at all - you could see the muscle.

Anyway, we untacked our horses and then the group people who went on a park ride came back from their ride and they said they saw it all happen. Apparently the rider of the horse had fallen off out at the park, and her horse had ran back, heading towards the stables. As the horse crossed the road he ran into a car and flipped over it! :( I am SO surprised the horse hadn't broken anything, or even died, as the accident sounded extremely awful! The horse looked really calm, but the vet was giving him so many needles, one after another.

As we were driving home, right outside the stables we saw the car that was in the accident, and it didn't look too bad - the windscreen was smashed but the glass hadn't fallen out, and the car was hardly dented. It's just scary to think how horrible it could have been, I mean the horse is extremely lucky to just walk away with a giant cut on his leg.
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Oct 26, 2005
And what about the poor driver of the car - if the horse just bounced out in front of him he wouldn't have had any chance to avoid it. A deer jumped out in front of us once in Scotland and there was no possibility of swerving or braking. Hope the driver is OK too.

Glad you had such a good lesson though!


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Oct 13, 2004
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Glad you had such a good lesson:) Such a sad upsetting sight tho - echo what someone else said, hope the car driver was ok too. Poor horse - sounded dreadful.:(


Horse Crazy
Jun 16, 2002
NSW, Australia
Thanks everyone! :)

Yes, the car driver was luckily ok, but most likely he was shaken by the incident. I agree, there was no way that the driver would have been able to move out of the way, especially with a galloping horse, on a fairly small intersection. It would be so scary having a horse come head on with your vehicle! :(

The horse surprisingly seemed really calm, and his owner was there with him (the girl riding him wasn't his owner, apparently an ambulance was called to the park for her). Where the girl fell off is a really busy area of the park, with lots of people, dogs and kids.. so something must have really spooked the horse for him to act up and charge back to the stables like that.

I'm sure the horse will be fine, it just looked like his skin had been sliced off (sorry, that's not nice to hear). He'll just need a while to recover.
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