GREAT lesson today :oD ~piccies~


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Oct 19, 2008
Surrey/South London borders
So pleased with my lesson tonight!

Got there and we were one horse short as someone hadn't been booked in. RI did a quick juggle and asked if I would mind swapping as I'm the smallest, so I got a cutie pie chestnut 13hh2 called Charlie!

When we got in the school my RI told me he hates the bit being pulled too hard, it makes him go faster, so ride with very soft hands. At this point I realised brakes would need to be of the bottom down kind, hehe.

We had a really good ride, I kept my hands very soft and apart from a couple of steering issues when he got distracted we did so well! My RI kept saying how well I was doing and how kind I was being to him :) we had a little canter too, I held onto the pommel and had my reins in one hand and this really pulled me into the seat, so I went with his canter beautifully and it felt wonderful!

Afterwards my RI came while I was untacking him and said I rode him fantastically :D :D my confidence is soaring right now!

And here are a couple of pics of my miniature hero ;)




Good job on keeping your hands soft! He looks like he's enjoying his hay!


Oct 22, 2008
East Sussex
That's really good to hear you had a good lesson, it's nice when you can just go and enjoy it.. makes a change from that girl that keeps moaning about her lessons!;):D
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