Great Lesson :)


wish I was riding :(
Aug 18, 2008
Just had to post, I had the best lesson today :D

My last post, I had a really rubbish lesson and I was actually at the stage where I was wondering if I should have a break for a bit. I had a lovely horsey I've not ridden before, he rode more like a pony (much more my cup of tea :)).

I managed to get him moving forward nicely (although stopping was a problem :rolleyes:). I managed to keep my reins at a better length, and stay upright!! I was totally knackered at the end, but good knackered... You know?

I didn't want the lesson to end... It was great.

I now need to decide whether to keep riding at this school or not. I checked the prices and membership for the riding club is £70 per year (financial year) and you have to be a member. I guess I have to decide where I want my riding to take me, I know I'd love to be able to have a part-loan/ share horse and own in a couple of years. But then what? I loved SJ as a teenager, but not sure I could do that now, so maybe happy hacker?

Sorry if this is rambling, but everyone I know is un-horsey and can't help!


New Member
Aug 31, 2008
Belfast NI
Im glad you had a great lesson, it makes all the difference, my last one was abit woeful, the horse was too big I felt and everything else went out the window lol
hope the next one will be even better for you!:)


wish I was riding :(
Aug 18, 2008
I now can't go to my lesson tomorow as I have to work, and will have to work next sunday too. It's so depressing as thats usually the highlight of my week.

I keep thinking about my lesson last week, the wee boy I rode was lovely. He had the most bouncy trot ever, I imagine he'd teach anyone rising trot easily, but sitting trot was a nightmare as I kept wanting to rise:eek:
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