Great rest day :)

Nov 10, 2014
Well since the sun came out today I took full advantage and got Kia in for a hack :D

The old bugger was manky when he came in, he tried to make me that way as well by galloping up to me at the gate then hitting the brakes last minute :rolleyes: thank goodness for waterproofs

Well the hack was rather bouncy o_O he power walked for ages, when I asked for trot I got squeals, a few humps then a stonking trot that would have looked amazing in the showring :D, when I finally got him back to walk (I was too busy laughing to be very serious about it) he was powering along again.

We finally turned for home on a loop and once he realised we were heading home there was no containing him. Asked for trot up quite a steep hill and got a couple of decent bucks and another squeal then he went into canter, could I get him to trot, hell no so we ended up cantering for a bit up the hill then along the roadside on the verge, was a lovely semi collected canter bouncy and steady just not wanting to trot lol

So what was supposed to be a wander and a few short trots ended up me coming home with a sweaty but pleased pony, feeling very proud of himself and his antic :D:p

Honestly don't know what I'd do without him, he's still got the cheek in abundance :p



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Feb 8, 2012
He's obviously feeling very well! Sounds like you had fun though, at least his excess energy doesnt bother you. Great pics!
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Nov 10, 2014
Honestly he totally made my month. I was very busy last month and its left me drained, tired and grumpy. Today totally made last month fall out of my head, he knows exactly how to cheer me up with his cheek and antics.

His carry on doesn't bother me anymore as he isn't bring serious in trying to unseat me, if he wanted me off then he knows how to, he's had top class eventers on the deck when he's decided he's had enough, these were just cheek and sharing his happiness lol :)
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