Great session today with the Spotty one!


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Well after Saturday and all the napping, had good chat with my RI and she gave me great motivation and advice to nip it in the bud and be tougher as that doesn't come naturally to me.

So today headed up to yard after work and just before I was about to ride my RI appeared and offered to go to fields (where there are xc jumps) so I could have company :happy: as she had to school another horse. Was really good as had reassurance of someone there and she could advise me. We took turns leading so could see difference in how Cyrus goes when infront or behind and the other horse who is young is learning to go behind staying calm and following so worked out well for both of us.

I did not let him away with any napping, he tried to once in field and I rode strongly and he did as told immediately. He also tried to run out at one jump when went around on own but circled back quickly and popped him over it nicely. He was so good and it was great fun.

After the field my RI was riding past arena to dismount but I was going in, she was some bit ahead but Cyrus tried to nap and not go in so I took good hold of reins and kicked on and got him into arena and trotted straight away so he knew I wanted him to go on and he had to listen and once gate closed (by kind friend) we had some great laps of canter and I made sure he only did downwards transitions from canter or trot when I asked him. Much improved on sensing when he is going to break :bounce:

His right lead canter is also so much better he only went wrong couple times but could tell straight away (used to take me 3 or 4 strides to know) and go back to trot and straight into canter on correct lead using a technique my RI had shown and taught me :cloud9:

Felt like a much stronger rider today and was really happy after. Cyrus worked hard :angel: and was lovely and sweaty so cooled him off and he definitely earned his treat :giggle:

And as a nice end to the day got a new tack box delivered which had got someone to make for me, it is lovely and lots of space for all my stuff so don't have to root through small storage box anymore and can have saddle and bridle locked up too :happy:
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