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him in-hand?
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Mar 25, 2007
In the arena!! Auckland, New Zealand
I would ride him, you have more control on the horse than if he pulls away from you, just remember to relax and then he wont sense that anything is new and exciting. If you tense up in anticipation that he is going to get excited then the chances are-he will too. Good Luck!


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Feb 10, 2007
essex/suffolk border
I would say as it has tall sides to ride him over, following the other horse, I would much rather be onboard when they play up than leading, I'm sure it will be fine, I took tara out for the first time on the main roads on monday night, started off a nervous wreck as I wasnt sure how she would react as she is only used to quiet country lanes, but she was as good as gold, kept talking to her, patting her and she was fine :)

You'll be fine, just stay confident and keep leg on ;)


Thanks, any more replies.

Also I think I will have controll from the ground as he is very finley built and our 128 is stronger than him lmao:eek: But he is flighty. And I don't think he'd try and leave Rio.

But yes he may suprise me and make nothing of it, I'm going with riding so far.

Any more replies.



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Sep 19, 2005
Ride :)

Personally I think you will have more control on board as he will probably follow the other horse anyway. If he does play up badly and you'd rather get off then you can do that if/when it happens :)
have fun :D


Yeah, I guess, I'm just worried as I never ride him and he can just shoot out from under you haha Oh well I'll just think positive, if I put my mare in front of him he'd probably be fine as he loves her and is her shaddow, lets hope he takes a liking to Rio.

Thanks for your replies
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