Hacking confidence


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Jan 15, 2010
it’s not a quick fix... lessons on schoolmasters.. hacking out with friends.. still got a long way to go as I still feel the nerves when Im going to hack out completely on my own but I am actually doing it again now!

Thankfully it is just the solo hacking that my nerves were shot at and Ive found lessons on RS horses etc beneficial and Ive had a few great fun, fast hacks out in groups with a couple of really lovely friends, had a jumping lesson as well but none of these things trigger ’the fear’ !!! Ive found the only way to truly tackle it has been to make myself do the one thing I really fear and get on with going it alone and I have been very lucky to have a few offers of ponies to ride/loan along the way. Ive had a couple of confidence sessions with a trainer as well and have a got a few good nlp type techniques to help and also just some relaxation and breathing exercises. Made a really good start though to getting past it :)

out on my ownsome :)



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Feb 27, 2015
North East, UK
Oh my gosh you are super brave! I'm not brave enough to fly solo yet, I go out with my friend. I can just about ride to the end of the private land my yard is on but soon as I hot the road I'm like EEEEK! and I turn around haha

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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Well done. Unless you have experienced 'the fear', it is hard to understand. I just cannot hack out on roads, they completely terrify me. These days I have stopped beating myself up about it and just stick to our private fields. Good on you for facing the fear, I hope that it gets easier for you.


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Jan 15, 2010
thank you, yes it is hard for others to understand if they haven’t experienced it. My husband is flumoxed as to why i would put myself through this but I as well as ‘the fear’ I have a deep rooted love of hacking - Ive been galloping round the countryside on my own mostly, for 30 years now (eek). Im also angry with myself for feeling like this and that helps too. It’s lovely you both said I am brave :D... one of the RI’s helping me messaged me and said she thought I was brave too... it had never crossed my mind I was brave but hearing it has really helped too. Still taking little steps but looking forward to the summer ahead :D
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