Hacking out ...Plan B ;-)

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Today I plan on doing the main road after riding Melody in my paddocks for 20 or 30 mins. There are 6 gateways to my friends place so I am going to break it down into just doing each gateway having a pause ...breathing then onto the next gate way till I reach my friends place about a 10 min hack away.... She has the most fabulous place with grass off road tracks and most of my friends grass livery at her place too.

So I just have to remain positive and relaxed between each gateway, to get to my off road goal.... Plus sunday is a good day to go less traffic on the road.

One diazepam and I will be off :) I have to forget about the dyke down the side of the road and the traffic breath and enjoy Melody ...sing if I need too or swear if I need too LOL
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Native Lover

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Well ladies we did it whoop whoop ( well half of it PLAN B & half)

I rode her for 20 mins walk trot stop and back up.... getting her really listening to me, on the farm then we set of down the track to the main gate :).

We only managed 3 of the gate ways and back, but it was fairly busy with cars vans and a motor bike. Graham walked out with me and tried to slow traffic down for me. Melody was having a good look at things :)
No piccies didn't dare take my hands off the reins yet.... I was shaking a bit when I got back......but felt a massive achievement for me. I am smiling and planning to do a bit further tomorrow hoping to actually get to my friends place..... :D

Its a beginning to what might be a happy hacking Summer and Autumn
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I had a motorbike decide to rally past me yesterday when I was out with Hank, a car had slowed down behind me so the bike took that as an invitation to floor it past us both :mad: I swore very loudly and the people in the garden I was passing looked very shocked :eek: :p
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Jun 14, 2015
Well done!
I'll let you into a secret......."Nellie the Elephant" is the best song to sing as it definitely takes your mind of everything. It must be sung out loud though, even if there is a cyclist right behind you who is laughing his socks off :oops:
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