Had a great jump lesson :D


Mar 17, 2006
Well.. As some of you may have read my thread i put up last weekend about how badly our 'filler jumping' was going, it didnt sound hopeful! But today i had a lesson with my instructor, i explained the situation and she said she'd help!

We started off with fillers by themselves, no wings, poles or anything, just a gap for her to walk through. We used the same fillers we had issues with last weekend. She was still really tense just going through them, but she did it when i asked her too! Even though it was only walking through them, i was really pleased as it was a hurdle we needed to get over. We added more fillers in different places with a smaller gap and she tip-toed through them the first time! :p We trotted through them and she was much more relaxed.

We then added a ground-pole to make her think a bit more and she was fine with it. The we put it up into 1 side of a cross-pole, she trotted into it and got upto it and went 'Aaah!! I didnt see thet there!' and leaped over it! Lol. But then she did it more times and she was much, much better!

Then it went into a small upright, about 2ft 3, and she was such a star! She just cantered up-to it, had a quick look, i hupped her, and she flew over :)

Did that on both sets of fillers and she was great!

Then, to make it even trickier, we moved the jumps into different places and made them a bit bigger. We thought she might think it was a different jump and take a bit longer to jump it. But she was a star! Cantered in (by this time she'd sussed it and was having soo much fun, both of us were but she took it to the limit :D) and i hupped her over again and i seriously felt like i was flying :D

To end the lesson, we made it just that bit scarier and put out some of the wierd fillers we have. 2 sit on angles, and 1 is straight, ill draw a sort of piccy and put it at the end. It had no wings, poles of anything. We cantered in and she hesitated more but i spoke to her, gave some leg and hupped her, and she went over, not flew, but we got over :D Did it the other way which was more into the sun so it made it harder for her to see so she really had to think, did the same and she was perfect :D

Im so pleased with her. And think, that's all i needed to do to be pleased!! :D It just takes a little time and lots of patience, hopefully she'll go as well in the week :D

My stupid drawing :D



x x x x


May 23, 2006
Cambridge, UK
Sounds like she was having a "oohhhh, I seeeee" moment, and suddenly worked it out! :D Well done, and keep up the good work! And give yourself a pat on the back too, as it would have been quite easy to not recognise she was worried about the fillers, and force her into it and frighten her, but taking it nice and slow and gentle she seems to have grasped it pretty quickly. Gold star for colour_crazy_gi!


Mar 17, 2006
Thanks guys :D

EG - Thanks :) I was hoping it hadnt scared her too much last weekend. So much that she didnt want to know anymore! But i was really proud, lol!

x x x
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