Had a rest, now Back in the saddle - an observation

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Dec 21, 2011
Shetland, UK
I haven’t been riding for probably nearly six months for various reasons - lost my mojo, got a bit scared (Klaengur was very spooky and fast), no one to ride out with, talked myself out of it, bad weather.... yada yada and then the BHS advised against it for putting more strain on NHS, which added legitimate fuel to my reluctance to ride.

But now things are easing up and the farrier was on the islands, Klaengur had front shoes put on and my daughter gave me a lesson in the school, which went well. Yesterday, I rode out for the first time. It was lovely. Klaengur was so much calmer, softer, happy and then so was I. He listened, he offered an outline, he had brakes, his sensible head on, he didn’t stiffen and was all light and fluffy. He was straight, didn’t twist his neck and then body. An altogether different horse really in his head and his body, which really helped me to calm down and stop thinking about the dreadedwhat-if....

I think the break from being ridden did Klaengur the world of good.

I now look forwards to riding, which I haven’t for a while. I think, looking back on all this, that no riding was actually a positive decision rather than one of failure and letting myself down.

Just my observation, really.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
...la la land
Sometimes i think it can do them good to have a break, as the saying goes time is a good healer. It gives them time to forget some of there issues. Also age can make them more sensible.

When i think back to when i had Billy at 4. He was green yes but he was querky to say the least. I actually made a bad choice in buying him. 4 years on he still has some querks but he is also turning out to be a nice lad. Im hoping in another 2 years he will be even more lovely. Maybe another 4 i can contemplate getting him rebroken to drive. Which is what i got him for in the first place.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
We used to let horses down annually as a matter of course, pull the shoes, turn them away for the worst of the winter (or summer for hunters) but it seems to have gone out of fashion, I don’t know why, financially I guess people feel they should ride leisure horses year round, better winter facilities are more commonplace now and I’m sure a bunch of other reasons but I think most sentient beings need a break from the monotony at some point, to reduce mental stress and give the body time to recoup.