Half-chaps for Chunky Calves????


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
I can't be the only one with chunky calves, or am I? My calf measurement is 16.5"/42cm and I am 5'6" tall, back of leg 15.5" (i'm a size 14 but most of my weight is from the bum down!!!).

All I want, and I really didn't think it was too much to ask, is for a cheap pair of black half-chaps for the little bit of riding I do. But EVERY time I look into measurements and sizing, it seems that the ones for fatter legs are also longer too (ie probably to fit men!) I don't want full boots at this stage as I like the idea of taking the chaps off after riding to cool the old legs down.... but I daresay by winter I will be changing my mind!!! And therein will start ANOTHER hunt!!!!!

I bought two pairs of eBay - the first, size large, I couldn't even do up and now I have an extra large pair with the rusching detail which are so long that when I ride they dig into the back of my knee and are a little bit too big if anything round the legs. I tried on a pair of "faux" suede in large by Shires yesterday and they were too tight without even my joddies on and I fear the extra-large would be longer again.

I know that different manufacturers measurements all come up different, I just wondered if anyone could advise.....??

:( Not happy :(

(OMG! Whilst typing this I absent-mindedly turned over my keyboard and tapped out the "dust" - I MUST stop eating whilst I'm on the computer - half a cake fell out!!! GROSS!!)

laura jeanne

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Jan 7, 2004
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There hae been several thread about this. My OH has some that have velcro closings. Mine are Ariats I think and have a little bit of elastic in them.

I do the same thing to my computer keyboard at work- it is gross!


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Sorry if we are raking over old ground here chaps (ha ha!!!), I mean, girls.... but I'm a newbie and there is nothing in the archives...

I have looked as Just Chaps and once again, to go for the size around my calves means they work out too long! On paper anyway..... :(

Perhaps I should make my own...... now there's a thought... p'raps I could start a cottage industry...... ChunkyCalves R Us!!!!!


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Feb 17, 2005
My hubby has Tredstep chaps which are sold by measurement rather than Large, Medium, etc.

His are 16 high, by 17 round, which fit him exactly but had to be ordered in by our tack shop as apparently most people's calves are taller than they are wide ;)

They're not the cheapest chaps you can buy, I think they were about £60, but he's had them 3 years and they are still a good fit (ie not gone floppy) so worth the money.


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Mar 8, 2005
Tally ho do them in wide, extra wide and extra extra wide. They also do different lengths so I was able to get extra wide and short.

Drummers mum

I love my pony!
Feb 1, 2004
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Go Domane, and you could make long boots too!

I have the same gripe as you, but I did fine that my shires synthetic ones gave a bit and scrunched down after a few rides!

Also, I used to have a large kids pair as they are shorter! They were very tight when I bought them (had to have help to do them up! :eek: ) but as they were suede they gave and fit lovely!


New Member
Feb 17, 2005
You may find this insulting if you are a size 14, but I think there is a "larger riders" website which specialise in custom made stuff like jods and chaps.

Not sure what the address is but I think they have been mentioned on here before.


New Member
Aug 5, 2005
hi there. i have large ones to and short!!!, blooming nightmare, anyway i bought a pair of suede Dublin half chaps that have the sort of ruffled bit on the back. its stretchy. But i got mine in the largest leg they had height and width. At first i though they would be too long but they have slumped down so to speak and are fine. very comfortable

I have a pair of the equetector new classic long leather riding boots withthe zip up the back and elastic bit and they are great. very comfortable.


Riding Is My Magic
Apr 20, 2005
Alberta, Canada.
Well the ones I have from Ariat aren't cheap, but they come in alot of sizes. I know that the are three heights and three sizes and you can 'mix and match' all of those. I don't know if they can be made of anything other than leather/suede, so as far as I know, most of them aren't all that cheap. Call the tack store and ask for a price range though, lots will have cheaper pairs for sale.


New Member
Jul 8, 2005
I got those similar soundign dublin ones they are great! i went to the tack shop to buy then they were about £15 and look really nice (nicer then the £24 ones!) At that tack shop they hang all the chaps up with their width and height on the hangar and had a fairly good range, did notice tho that they didnt really have any that were wider than long.

H & Bailey

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Nov 12, 2001
north east england
Ive got short fat legs and found it hard to find ones to fit but tried on a pair of rhinegold ones in large and they are fine,they have elasticated inserts and a zip fastening with a velcro bit that covers the zip i think they were only £16 which i dont think was bad,i bought them last july and i wear them each time i ride,as my legs are too fat for long boots they do winter and summer and they still look like new


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Nov 27, 2001
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I would really recommend Loveson chaps. I have really muscular calves after years of atheletics and riding and have found they are the best. They are only £20 and last and last. I have had mine nearly 3 years. Robinsons, Rideaway etc do them.
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