Hanks behaviour


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Just an update really, to recap, last winter Hank was a nightmare with separation anxiety (after 4 years of being fine) and would charge around screaming blue murder every time I took Jess out, to the point I felt bad about riding her (without him) and wouldn't ride in the afternoons as didn't want him getting a chill when the sun went down etc. I wondered at the time if it had anything to do with the neighbours horse who was completely obsessed with Jess and was also kicking off every time I so much as put a head collar on her. It wasn't helped in Feb when Jess kicked Hank badly while we were out in the forest and I decided not to lead him out any more.
At the end of March I got Dan, with the plan of keeping Hank company. It went pretty well and his behavior was improved a bit, and at least if he did start by the time I got back he was generally settled, but that was as good as it got.
Mid October the neighbour moved her horses away, and Hanks behavior has steadily improved, on Sunday he called once as we left and once as we came back that I heard and he wasn't at all sweaty :D hoorah!