Has anyone dry cemented a post in?


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Feb 8, 2012
As the title says. Ales post was fab but when it rained the ground became waterlogged and it gradually worked loose and came out.

Would cement or dry cement into earth work or would it just be the same problem but the post and lump of cement would come out?

Loved having the post but it's main use was for winter so trying to rethink.

Thanks ☺️
I cant tell you what a new cemented post would be like but there is much info on line.
But be careful of mixing concrete and needing to be rid of it later.
We had the opposite problem, removing large lumps of concrete which once supported a fence put up by a dog breeder.
In the end, the largest lump needed to be broken down with a heavy drill which meant paying a builder. Then OH took the concrete pieces to the dump.
There may well be more concrete buried in our garden. But you wont want it where horses run.
How deep was it put in? They will work a bit loose but tighten up again when it drys, getting them deep enough is the trick.

I’ve concreted plenty of posts in but mostly gate posts. For a hay post I expect It won’t stop it working a little loose (the constant tugging on them works them loose in wet ground) but should prevent it pulling out/going right over.
What about bag or two of Postcrete? You did a hole around the post, wedge the post in, upright, then add the Postcrete and water and kind of mix in situ with a spade. It goes off very quickly, much quicker than "normal" cement.