Hello I’m new here


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May 25, 2020
Hi there... thanks for letting me join.

I am a new owner and inexperienced rider.
I have a 11yr old gelding cob who is a great pony... full of character and mischief.
I am loving being a horse mum although I worry more about my horse than my kids.
Never owned a horse before and only started riding 12 months ago. I share the horse with my 10yr old daughter who sores on this pony, even when he mugs her off!
we have found a lovely instructor to work with us, and we enjoy hacking locally as I still have anxiety re hacking and enjoy the schooling and fun in the field.
I’m on a rather judgemental/bitchy yard and the ring leaders don’t seem to have taken to me... the yard owners are lovely and some of the other liveries are lovely too, just a few spoil it, but it near home and does the job. Having a few issues with the girl I share my field with... she blames my horse getting anxious and winding hers up... now her pony has been away for 4 weeks on a boot camp and my pony has had a ‘babysitter in’ and has been fine when left so I’ve Been reassured That my pony isn’t the issue..
Also petty squabbles over the field layout.. my pony has no access to shade or shelter whereas hers has the perimeter fence which is all trees and bushes that’s offer shade and shelter.. the field could definetly be divide up better but she won’t ??‍♀️.

looking forward to Turing to this site for advise if that’s ok
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Hi and welcome.

Sounds like you jumped in with both feet owning a pony and having only started riding a 12 month ago. But it sounds like you found a good horse and are enjoying him which is what its about. So thats lovely. Im sure you will still be anxious on hacks being new to riding thats understandable. But everytime you come back from a hack which has gone well smile and give yourself a pat on the back. It will give you so much confidence.

Im sorry to hear that the yard isnt so good. There are two ways to deal with this either you have to accept the yard or you look for another. If you know the area im sure you will be aware of fields and yards around you. Jut keep an ear to the ground something may come up.
With regards to the field i would speak to the yard owner about dividing the field differently. If the horse is currently not there and is unlikely to come back in the next few weeks i think that the owners and horses currently in the field should take presidence with the heat as it is. I assume that you share the field but they are individually fenced. Equally see if there is another field on the yard that you could move to.


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Nov 11, 2018
Welcome! Hope you continue to enjoy your new horsey life! As to your issues with the field, unfortunately, unless you have your own land (she says wistfully), little niggles come with the territory. I've been at the same yard for 26 years :eek: so believe me there's been big and little niggles over that time. Agree with chunky - try to resolve, or think about moving.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Welcome to NR and horsey ownership ?

unfortunately it seems most yards have that 1 person who makes them imperfect, but it’s sounds like you’re making the most of it regardless ?

I’d agree, chat to the owner while the other one is away about dividing it differently or maybe ask if there’s another field your cob could go in with shade.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Hello and welcome! Fast work getting your pony, and it sounds as if you chose a good one. Let's see some pics, we love pics :)

I hope you get the yard sorted out more fairly. Shade and shrubbery are very important to ponies, especially in this weather!
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May 25, 2020
Thank you all for the welcomes... this is Archie

He is a good pony and I’m learning lots from him.
He has a been there done it history with a bit of character with it.

In regards to yard dynamics I’m keeping my eye out for somewhere else but if I can’t solve the shade issue I plan to have a word with the yard owner and consider a mobile shelter. I’m just going to keep myself to myself and enjoy my pony. Archie was prev in a big herd now he shares a field with 1 other but separated by electric fencing... is love him to be in with others as this would make him happy

Thank you again for the welcomes x


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May 27, 2020
Ugh I know how you feel. I’m 14 and have had my horse for a couple of months now. The people at my barn are so unwelcoming because they all know each other and have been at that barn together for years so I’m sort of a newcomer. And I hate it because everyone wants to pick at what I do with not horse. I’m totally open to constructive criticism but they don’t try to help, they talk about you to other people. At least I have an amazing trainer who helps me though


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Mar 15, 2008
There is always one or two on a yard that have vocal opinions, ignore them.
Your horse is the problem, yes heard that one before, truth is usually the owner is having issues with theirs /nervous of yours.
If it could be divided better maybe speak the yard owner, or wait until another paddock frees up and relocate to it, bare in mind you will be thinking of winter turnout location as well.
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