Help ! Im Outta The Saddle Till August Due 2 Serious Injury !! Sos


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Jun 23, 2007
Help im not alooweed to ride until August ! I had a serious injury falling off little chestnut arab on may 29th~!i came off at a jump smashing my arm on 3 wooden poles and the wing of the jumping and knocking my self out uconscious . I woke up in a hospital ward about an hour later where i was informed i was to stay until a specialist from another hospital came in as i had broke my elbow in four maybe five places and needed surgery . I was in hospital for a week and now have four plates and some screws and wires in my elbow and am extremely devastated at the concept of being out of the saddle until august and boredom is setting in!!So i need advice what can i do horsey !! I love my two horses and am lucky enought to have a knowledgeable mother to muck out feed etc ! I need horsiness back in my life ! help!!!! x


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Jul 5, 2001
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Catch up on your equestrian reading and watch horsey DVD's of your chosen area of equestrianism. I read lots of dressage books, also books on rider fitness..(.was incapacited for a longggggggg time) and NLP ( Neuro Lingustic programming) That helped with horse stuff and helped me to think myself well when lots of problems occurred with my recovery. DVD's of riders you admire are useful as you can then picture you and yours performing in that way:D. If its not your wrining arm go and offer to write for a dressage judge, you'll learn loads or if that doesn't rock your boat try seeing if you could shadow and affilated showjumping course builder, or fence judge at horse trials. all things which keep you involved and on the scene so to speak. Last but not least make time for those jobs that horse owners never seem to have time for... clear out your wardrobe and bedroom of all the stuff you don't need/wear etc and either donate it to charity shop or car boot it and give the proceeds to Brooke Animal Hospital, Ada Cole, SPANA or some other worthy equine cause. And remember don't wait till you are in agony before taking pain killers or you will have another hour of agony waiting for them to kick in!
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