Help problems with treeless saddle..


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Apr 29, 2008
North wales/ Abergele
Hi. i have recently bought a treeless saddle. i am having issue's with the saddle moving backwards and also the girth moving be honest more like slipping is there any way off stopping this.. please help.. any info would be apprecated..:)


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Apr 29, 2008
North wales/ Abergele
Hiya . horse is a Haflinger 14.1 wide backed.. saddle is a copy from overseas.. no name .. i was using my poly pad, but that made it worse. now using the numnah it came with..:)


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Jul 18, 2005
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umm unfamiliar with unbranded stuff... Does it have panels under it? To be honest would be wary for pressure and fit issues, but if it was a saddle i was familiar with, and happy the horse was happy and fit good otherwise them would use a haf with sympanova underride for grip. Also gives extra spinal clearance :) unfortunatle with treeless the girth and pad are as important as saddle itself and often require a lot of trial and error :)


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May 20, 2006
I am guessing many will say that cheaper imported saddles have this problem,and they're probably right,but have to say I have a one that isn't a cheap import and still have problems with stability,slipping etc,so think TBH it's just a common treeless issue.

Many people on here have been able to solve the problem by using a different pad and shimming etc,so maybe search some threads for ideas on that??

Sorry not more help but as I have exactly the same problem and have not been able to sort it out won't be much help lol

Breastplate could help with the slipping backwards thing,but am guessing you will still have the other issues,so again not much help,sorry!!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
The words 'unknown copy from overseas' rings alarm bells in my head.

Ive heard a few bad stories about saddles from overseas, panels collapsing, poor stitching etc..

However this may not be the case with yours :)

As the others said the pad is just as important as the saddle, it might take some experimenting!

Like PFB i highly recommend the HAF pad with the rubber sympnova underneath.

Have you got a pic of it when its slid back??

I know this sounds really dim but have you made sure the girth is tight enough before riding? or after 10mins of riding?
It could be somthing as simple as that?


Nov 8, 1999
Also think a HAF would be a good idea to try. If you can get hold of a Suber or Ergo pad then these will be worth trying also and I have personally had success using them.
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