Hitching a trailer

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Mar 8, 2005
We have just bought a second hand (about 10 years old) Ifor Williams 505 trailer and a Landrover Discovery to tow it. Can anybody give me some very easy to understand instructions on how to hitch the trailer to the car. The man who we bought it from showed us very quickly but I just didn't take it in so I need some very simple clear instructions on how to do it.


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May 20, 2003
Oh blimey, well not sure how good these will be, but just had a trailer hired this past weekend, so quite fresh in my mind! It was an Ifor too.

We: I think!

Reversed car into right place.
turned handle to lift jockey wheel up, then moved handle again to lock it into up position off the floor.
Kept turning main handle, the trailer visually lowers, down and down until it is onto the tow bar, then kind of clunks into place.
attatched safety lead/clip thingy onto little hook part of tow bar.
plugged in plug for lights.
released brake.

Then we were off! I'm pretty sure that was it, but hopefullt some seasoned tower will be along to put me right! :D Good luck with your new trailer, will be after one myself now I know I can do it successfully! :D


Apr 29, 2002
Have a 510 and discovery so should be similar.

Put up rear stays if you have these fitted and unlock tow socket

Reverse car as close as you can get the ball hitch to trailer (sticker on back window should help but I have whizz daughter who seems to be able to 'think backwards' more than me!)

Release handbrake if on. (see warning below)

Leave jockey wheel down and wind up so trailer hitch is above ball and physically push trailer into position.

Wind down jockey wheel until ball locks into hitch and then release jockey wheel stay , wind it up as far as it will go , lift and turn into position by the front stay (there is just one angle it will dock really high up). Tighen retaining stay and fit safety clip.

Fit brake safety line round tow hitch

Plug in and test electrics.

Just a quick warning the brakes on mine seize up easily if not taken out regularly so move the car and trailer around before adding horse to check they are working freely. Don't attempt to leave the parking brake on when storing the trailer I had an expensive bill for removing all wheels and releasing the brakes before I had even used mone...lumps of wood much better!

Oh and brilliant safe outfit to tow so watch speed limits!!


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Aug 5, 2004
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I'm new to this trailer lark too, but it doesn't take too long to master. I think the guys have got it above.

A couple more tips which might help.

Tip 1: Before moving the trailer onto the car, wind the front up as far as you can. This means the trailer is resting on the 2 back wheels and the jockey wheel. This makes it a little easier to maneouvre (particularly on rough ground).

Tip 2: After getting the hitch onto the car. Try winding the trailer back up a few turns. If the car begins to lift, then you know for sure it's locked on the car hitch.

I can highly recommend buying 'Towing Horse Trailers' book ( I think it one of the Allen series)- it's only thin, but it has a good description in it (and lots move info about towing).

Hope that helps!


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Mar 8, 2005
Thanks everyone for the help. All I need now is just to have a go at it myself. The next problem will be training my daughter's pony to load. He's 5 and only ever been on a box, except once, when we went to a show on a friend's trailer and he refused to get back on. Had to beg a lift off someone I knew there with a box.


Good old NR!! This is just what I was looking for - got to try to hitch up now!! :)