Hopes and Aspirations for 2014?


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Mar 23, 2012
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May be its a bit early for new years resolutions so I thought 'aspirations' might be a better word:giggle:

I am not too sure where I am with anything atm but I would like to think I will go back to uni next week, if I can get Evie sorted out:unsure:

I have had one cold after another this year so my most definite aim is to quit smoking. I feel like I am dragging myself round atm, which is not good.

I must generally try and give myself some TLC, i.e eat better and try the multi vitamins.

There are lots of things I want to do with Cherie, if only I can get my mo jo back.

I also still need that part time job, but just don't know where I will fit it in:unsure:

So over to you.....


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Oct 13, 2004
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I aim to get my hair back! Being bald is no fun- can't wait to get a referral to a specialist to see what can be done!!! Not sure how I am going to afford it all.....
Am aiming to design another website and get that up and running.
Horse wise just hope to carry on keeping Storm active!


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Jul 16, 2003
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Meet baby!!
Find somewhere to live!!

In terms of ponies

Get back in the saddle, of course. Hopefully I won't have lost ALL my confidence ... at the moment (8 months pregnant) I don't feel like I'll ever have the bottle to ride up the road again :redface:

Do more endurance rides!!

Do more dressage!

Find a solution that works for Angel - between lami, complex dental problems, severe sweet itch and (presumably - 3 tests done ....) Cushings it's getting very, very difficult to keep weight on her and keep her vaguely sound :( At the moment, unless I find a way that's fair on her (eg. keeping her stabled/paddocked away from the herd with hay replacers she doesn't like doesn't seem 'fair' in my book) I will have to explore all options, including the very grim ones :(


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Feb 8, 2012
I want to take part in the British heart foundation 310 mile 24 hour bike ride next year but worried I might die haha.

And get my ponies leg better so he can go out with his friends in the field again.

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Jul 13, 2009
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Hope my OH stays well :)

To move to our own place with land....... a dream come true.:dance:

To lose enough weight that I can do some long distance riding with my Eva

To get fitter ( hence the walking at 7 am, 7pm and 10pm every day ) plus healthy eating and re joined MyFitnessPal for some support :)

To get better at cantering.

To find a new riding instructor,To aim me towards a dressage test.

To ride on the beach :):spin:
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Jul 18, 2005
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Selfishly I start my new job in a week tomorrow (eek!!) - I want to work my socks off to understand and remember everything I am going to learn in the next 2yrs.

More wholesomly I want to:
1) Get back in touch with a few people who I love but have gotten distanced from for various reasons

2) try and figure out how to support my family whilst not being able to travel home much due to training

3) try to learn to be happy and grateful for what I have - not what I don't have


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Mar 22, 2013
Keep winning in r2r with Jeannie and have her consistently placed in prelim dressage :giggle:

Have other half and lanky win an open class and overcome this separation anxiety he has from my mare. :smile:

Annie win a race :wink:

Not let work bring me down to the lowest I have ever been like before :cry:

Spend more time with my loved ones and treasure every moment with them :dance:


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Apr 16, 2009
For me it is always the same two and I fail in January every time

1) To be a nicer person
2) To take better care of me (brush my hair, remember were the razor is etc)

And extra one this year

3) To be running again by the end of January with the aim to start the road running season in June

Horse wise

1) To keep Chanter going
2) To go to camp on Ginger
3) To start competing again on Ginger
4) To compete for my RAF Station and at the Champs

Wow I don't want much do I:frown:


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Apr 15, 2012

Getting back on track with Rubic's rehab work. Everything has been put on the back burner because it is too dark to be doing walking when I'm up so when it is light enough in the evenings I'll make sure I take her a walk every night to get her legs working and build up her strength. Fingers crossed we can do some hacking after it all.

If I find the money from somewhere it'd be really nice to get a share horse I could ride and do a bit of riding club stuff with but that is secondary to sorting Rubic and only if I can find the time and money.

For me:

I just want to be healthier and look after myself a bit better. I treated myself to a bit of new make-up today so will start wearing a little bit every day as I find it always makes me feel a little better about myself and I think I need that little boost sometimes. Exercise and healthy eating starts on the 2nd!


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Apr 25, 2003
Personal wise
Sell our house so that we have some money! then I could cut down on work and be less stressed - if that happened a lot more would fall into place
Keep on the no booze/eat well regime and lose more weight and get fitter
Be nicer to OH - snap less, be kinder
Get a better work/life balance
Have more fun

Horse wise
Enjoy Bud and try to improve our relationship and my riding
Finally ride Suze
Perhaps ride/drive Leo
Not fall out with Fleurette - remember to be ultra patient and praise her for anything she does that is good and overlook the rest
Keep learning more - in 2013 I have gone off on the NH voyage (the lite version) and am really enjoying questioning a lot of the things I do. I am finding that it is making all of the horses nicer to manage, and safer
If possible convince Bud that it is a journey he might also enjoy. At the moment he feels it is a bit too new age for a fellow of his advanced maturity - maybe take him to Glastonbury and see if he gets it!
Remember age is just a number and there is no reason WHY I cannot do stuff just because I am the wrong side of certain numbers - as long as knees and hips hold out, go for it.


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Human :

- Get a place with OH (This was last years....but never happened lol!)
- Beat Anxiety/Confidence Issues once and for all!
- Learn to be happy and enjoy the moment
- Stop worrying about stupid things


- Do lots of hunter trials with Buffy, as we both love them.
- Try something new....like horse ball??
- Get OH driving Roo lots (when we have better weather!)
- Continue improving Finns flat work& his confidence over jumps
- Go to a few local shows for fun
- Get a proper field shelter sorted (The roof on our current one has been replaced twice but still leaks....OH isn't very good at DIY!):giggle:


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Myself; stop biting my nails, get fitter, look after myself a little more. Horsey; get sox out to a few comps ( dressage, inhand) get mine and his confidence back in jumping. Ride on the beach.


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Mar 23, 2012
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Lovely replies, just love our horsey madness, lets go for it in 2014!

Soon as the 'Evie thing' passes, for good or ill I am going hunting on my pony....for starters:giggle:

2012 - 2013 has been a very mixed bag, but I am still up for a fight and so is the pony:giggle:

I am totally fed up of being in the doldrums and getting dragged down. Everything has been so rubbish, for a number of years, but worse in the last two.....feck it! This year things are going to change:smile:

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