Horse getting too excited when ridden in!


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Jul 15, 2003
Sunny Slough!!
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Me & a friend of mine are planning to do a pairs XC comp next month & we have been practicing for a few days now.

My trouble is I have no control of Blackie, he just gets too excited & bombs after the pony in front, not even looking at the jumps :eek: Very hair-raising!

I used to ride him in a pelham, but has recently got a bit uncomfortable in it so I swopped it for a hanging cheek-he is fine in this in the school & when he goes out on his own but as soon as I ride him with company he gets too excited & he tanks me around, even over taking the horse in front & belting off with me!

I dont really want to be changing bits & that but has anyone got any ideas on how to control his excitedness:D He is only 6 btw.

Thanks :)


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Aug 11, 2006
I think its normal for him to get over excited in these situations, given his age.

Could you go round the XC in front, so that he's not chasing after the other horse?

You could do some work at home, trying to keep him in trot. Lots of circling before jumps, and trotting poles, until he calms down a bit.

If you had brakes in the pelham, could you try another pelham with a different mouth piece. I think pelhams are good, as long as you have independent, light hands. Its best to use minimum force in a pelham, than maximum force in a snaffle. Otherwise you will just make his mouth hard.

Is he getting maximum turnout too? And a completely non heating diet? I give my over exciteable youngster Calmag. I noticed a difference in him immediately when I ran out of it, so I'm quite sure it helps.

On the whole, if all else fails, I would just cut out all exciteable situations, including jumping and galloping, until he can tackle them safely. Theres nothing worse than finding you have no control!:eek:


I Love My Olops!!!!!
Jul 15, 2003
Sunny Slough!!
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Thnaks Sheryl-We are doin the pairs to give him a bit of confidence over scary jumps as he does get really spooky sometimes, thats why were going behind :)

He is out 24/7 all year round so turnout is not an issue & we hardly feed him at the mo becausethe grass is son good out in our field at the mo(he has a skoop of chaff & some topline cubes each day)

Thanks for the advice will be having a go at everything :)
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