Horsey books?


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Dec 11, 2011
With tips for returning riders? Or info for new riders? (better still riders returning after years out).
Or even just books that give good information or that you have found useful...
Anything will do, last minute Christmas present list you see ;) :smug:


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Apr 16, 2000
Heather Moffett has just re done her Enlightened Equitation book. You can also search for her videos on Youtube. She has a very clear way of explaining things and it's a great book for visual learners and she has lots of photos and explains what is happening in each one and what to look for.


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Apr 16, 2000
Sally Swift, not like Heather as Heather does not go into analogy, but some of Sally Swifts way of putting things can be very clever and useful.

101 Arena Exercises by Cherry Hill this has a lot of Western moves in it too, and it's handy as you can hang it up open at the side of the arena so you can go back and refer to it when you are messing about.

Here's Heather's new edition book

Centered Riding

It all depends on how you learn as to which book style will suit you, they are all good stuff.

I find Ride With your Mind books by Mary Wanless just bogg me down in in waffle. Can't be doing with that at all.
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Feb 20, 2000
Dorset, UK
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I agree with Wally about Heather Moffett, Sally Swift and Mary Wanless (yes to the first two, no to the second). Michael Peace and Richard Maxwell are very good about understanding horses, and not dogmatic; Sylvia Loch is very readable and inspiring about classical dressage (although not always as straightforward as you might think); and the good old Pony Club handbook has lots of stripped-down useful stuff, very clearly set out. There's also a very helpful and encouraging book by Lesley Bayley (she's written lots of good stuff) and Caroline Davis called The Less Than Perfect Rider. In fact that's the one I'd be inclined to start with. But it depends what you want to know about.


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Dec 11, 2011
Brilliant little starter book list for me there...
Thanks a lot!
Should keep me going for a while :) (If I EVER get chance to read with boring Uni books taking up most of my reading time :sleep:)
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