Hot or cold recipes


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
I am struggling to eat well at the moment - and need some inspiration!

I need 'packed lunch' ideas - ideally things that can be eaten hot or cold - I prefer hot food when Im onlates/nights but the reality is I am unlikely to be able to warm it up if I am busy - therefore recipes which work well hot or cold would be fab! I am fed up of McDonalds and sandwiches!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Meat in lumps potato style pies? We used to make these to take hiking with us. Yummy either hot or cold.
Sausage rolls? Not the healthiest but nice now and again.....
Salad with a chicken leg or two


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Oct 14, 2010
Couscous or quinoa with interesting veg and protein (chicken and mushrooms, prawns peppers piripiri sauce that kind of thing)
Your favourite soup in a thermos
Hummus and carrot sticks...ok not hot, but simple!
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May 18, 2009
Couscous or quinoa with interesting veg and protein (chicken and mushrooms, prawns peppers piripiri sauce that kind of thing)
Your favourite soup in a thermos
Hummus and carrot sticks...ok not hot, but simple!
All the things I love for packed lunch apart from Samosas. Really quick and easy to do too.


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Jan 7, 2013
I love pasta dishes with veg or a salad type pasta. Also spaghetti chopped up with cherry tomatoes and pesto is yummy! I love cold food though :)

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Ugh I struggle so much with packed lunches! My fall back - which is hugely carb loaded, is pasta, a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, and quorn sausages chopped through it. Fills you up and is all store cupboard ingredients or frozen (sausages) so is my backup if I've run out of fresh food.
Rice with veg through it, crushed garlic (to keep all your colleagues away) and a bit of olive oil mixed through. Cook it and shove it in the fridge overnight, will last a few days and quite filling aswell.
I also have quorn slices on warburtons thins with feta cheese and sweetcorn and a sliver of mayonnaise.
I'm going into Soup season now - veggie stock cube, lots of different veg, always have a big fat potato in there to thicken it up and blend. Curry powder for a kick and that's that.

Em 1

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Aug 18, 2001
How about a slice of tortilla/frittata? I make a big one which we have for dinner and then there are a couple of slices left over for the next day. I think mine is more of a frittata as I usually make it to use up any odd bits of vegetables/cold meats/ends of cheese. Not traditional or authentic but very tasty and easy to heat up in the microwave if you do have time.


Learning all the time
Jul 18, 2005
North west
I have done well this week - had broccoli, green bean and soya bean pesto pasta, reggae reggae chicken rice and peas yesterday and tuna and sweet corn pasta today.

I'm trying to detox from sugar - I'm drinking several bottles of coke per shift and eating mcds and sweets a lot - it's been hard (surprisingly so had the shakes and everything!!) but feel much better today for being good :) test will be beig at home and not nibbling over weekend and then nights next week!

Thanks for all the ideas :) does anyone have a recommendation for good lunch box recipe books?
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