How to get rid of rabbits? HELP


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Oct 5, 2017
How can I eliminate the 101 rabbits that are eating away at everything in my urban flower garden. Recently I've gotten brave enought to pick up the critters which may be 3-4". I've caught 5 this way. I've tried a "have a heart trap" with no success. Caught one in a baited rat trap with rabbits pellets for food and one more by Havahart 1083 Easy Set One-Door Cage Trap for Squirrels and Small Rabbits. Some one suggest a salt block with I have presently tied to the front of the Heart trap with the rat trap below the salt as getting an rabbit into the very back of the heart trap may be almost impossible. I've even tried to place an apple in the back of the cage for bait. No luck. I've made at least 50 small chicken wire cages for many of my transplants and use black bird netting to cover plants also, but can't simply cover my entire flower garden which containes over 200 varieties of plants. Frequently can get within 4" of the large rabbits as they really don't scare easily. I do not have a dog, and my cat is 17 years old so she's not much help. Even bought an electric sound device, which I believe may be worthless. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Oh dear, sounds like a bit of an infestation!lol when I grew veggies back at our last house I used mesh / netting but I had a problem with the pheasies too. In the end I just resigned myself to them nibbling! Least I didn't grow carrots - they were a disaster in their own right (carrot fly anyone?!)
Hmm. I do like rabbits tho. I know they are a pest sometimes. We had rats which seemed to control the rabbit populus somewhat.


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Apr 24, 2011
Maybe get yourself a couple of young feral cats. They can live outside and as long as you feed them they will stay around and patrol the area for you which should help. I have a couple of cats down at my yard and they are great hunters but I think with just their scent about the place keeps the rats and mice away plus I don't have anywhere near as many rabbits as I used to have..but I love rabbits too and thank goodness I have never seen any actually being killed although I know the cats do get the odd wee grazer.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
If you ask around farms etc someone is likely to have terriers or ferrets, they'll make short work of rabbits but might make a mess of your flowers, an air rifle will also deal with them swiftly, all harsh but I won't have rabbits near my horses and swift eradication is my preference. Once controlled prevention is key, sinking chicken wire about 8-12" straight down below fences is normally enough to stop them digging under.
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Dec 3, 2014
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Jessey - Ferrets??? Really???

Are we talking same animals.

Ferrets over here look a bit like monks.

I worked with someone Who had a
Couple as pets.
Omg her hands and arms were always torn up.

John123john wow that's a lot of rabbits.

Your poor garden.