How to know how much to sell saddles for.


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Feb 8, 2012
I've made the decision to sell ales saddle. He's a happy boy being unridden and I'm happy with that.

I had it made for him and was a lovely comfy saddle. Just been sat on a rack for a number of years now unused.

It's marked on the flaps and also has some slight cosmetic stitching that has frayed. Any clue how much I should ask? It's a silhouette. IMG_20210615_092807.jpg


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
A good way to see is to do an eBay Advanced Search. Put in as close a description of your saddle as you can (Hand made Silhouette saddle for example) and a little way down the Advnaced Search page you'll see a little tick box marked "sold listings" . If you tick that box it will show you all the saddles like yours that have sold recently.

Here's a link to my result when I did the search:

It gives a very wide range of prices, but if you look at the descriptions of the sold saddles you should get a handle on what you might ask and how best to describe your saddle.

I'd try selling it on the Surrey horsey Facebook site first to avoid eBay fees. They are not cheap no more!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Good luck selling it Ale. I tried to sell Joe's saddle countless times to no avail. I had it on ebay and had nothing but odd / rude enquiries about it followed by people demanding to try it and return it if it didn't fit! Tried to sell through word of mouth locally too but that didn't work either. So now it's a lovely ornament in the tack room :) Or as Mr T says "one day we'll have another tb that it will be right for".
I kept Storm's saddle as very sentimentally attached to it. Sorry, none of that is helpful! Good luck - you could try advertising it on here too.


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Apr 6, 2021
Selling saddles is a nightmare. You just get people asking “will it fit my horse”. I have sold a few but it has taken forever. Last one was sold locally via marketplace where she paid the full price and took it away to trial it. That was quite worrying for me but it worked out. They seem to sell for a fraction of their worth. There are a couple of companies that buy from you and sell on, but they don’t take all saddles and if they do they give you peanuts. You then have to try and sort of a big enough box to post them in.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
I sold Mattie's saddle, which was a Black Country made to measure, very gorgeous. I got good money for it, £500 or so as I recall, by selling on the Black Country Saddles website. But I did have it on eBay at the same time and had many bids. The trick is to provide really good measurements, describe the horse it was made for, and make it clear that the buyer is responsible for the fit!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I check market prices on eBay and marketplace and see what similar saddles go for and price accordingly. Some saddle fitters will take saddles in to sell on normally for a percentage, might be worth asking local ones.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I sold Ben's old saddle on Preloved. It was an old (and worn) working hunter saddle and I thought that it was worth very little. However, my saddler advised that I put it up for £500 and within days I had 2 people wanting to buy it. I provided lots of photos and measurements (and scrubbed it clean - tack cleaning has never been my strong point), and got the full asking price plus postage for it. My advice is to put a decent price tag on it. If it is too cheap, the people won't buy. I personally wouldn't have thought the saddle was worth more than £50, but obviously others disagreed.


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Dec 21, 2003
I agree about searching e bay. I also look to see what an item would cost new.
One is unlikely to get more than two thirds of new price.
If an item is no longer produced and the item is in demand, then the price may rise as there is an added rarity value.
I have bid on ebay mostly while buying Lego. Prices on ebay should be cheaper than the average price from a dealer which one can discover on line.
One would similarly expect a second hand saddle to be cheaper on ebay than the price of that same saddle second hand from a dealer. But dealers also put stuff on ebay.

Your saddle looks qute worn Ale. Dont forget e bay is not just for fixed price but an auction for which one can set a reserve on items one wants to sell. Dealers will bid only to the trade price. I bought my father's posessions at auction by knowing their trade value and bidding just a tiny bit higher.

I would start by trying the local facebook horse group to be collected, or haffie owners group and see if there is interest.

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May 2, 2007
The saddle fitters only seem to want to sell you new ones round here. Both times when i have needed saddles theyve said they have nothing to fit so i would have to buy new. Chunky being quite wide i could understand but Billy is pretty narrow, i would have thought theyd have loads in his size.

Someone said trade in to saddler is 200 to 400. They will then mark up to 700 or 800. That was a few years ago mind.
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Mar 23, 2015
A couple of our local tack shops buy/sell saddles. Obviously you will get less money but its easy and generally successful. One buys outright, the other sells on commission.


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Jun 4, 2014
I'd try an online agent too - Saddles Direct, I think is one. You get less money than selling it yourself , but also less hassle.

I'd still say there's a strong second hand market if they are priced accordingly.
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