I have an exciting update! (New Update and it's great news!)


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012

Have been on the search for a horse, which was proving quite tricky to find something just right.

After several viewings and road trips far and closer to home, we weren't having much luck.

Mainly as what I want is a riding club type that is just a step up from the spotty one, something with ability and can be an allrounder but only barely is in what would be considered the 'forward' category.

Well one came up by chance today, went to view at last minute, a beautiful mare, ticks pretty much all the boxes, I felt comfortable on her and not nervous which was a reall good sign.

So pending a vetting I will have a new horse very soon.

Please cross your fingers the vetting goes well.

I will update tomorrow evening and I will be able to give more info and pics then hopefull :D:D

I am so so excited, really hope this works out :D


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Brilliant news, she passed the vetting :D:D:D

She is coming on Wednesday evening I am so so excited.

Now I can say more about her too :)

She is a 6YO mare, she is skewbald with really beautiful markings. She is approx 15.2/3

She has done hunting and hunter trials and some shows.

She is just the right amount of go for me, not kick a long but not too forward, she will go when you ask but is real steady.

Her owner took her for a gallop and over some xc fences so we could see and she is just not phased and not strong and comes back and slows when you sit up pretty much.

Very sweet girl indeed. I can't wait til she comes to our yard :D:)

I just felt so at ease on her, which was a great sign as I am 9 times out of 10 nervous on a new horse.

She is just the step up I was looking for but can progress and be more than that too.

Her name is Gift (Gift in Time is show name)

This is a pic of her, I saved it from ad. I will of course get loads more next week :D:cool: .



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Mar 15, 2008
She has a kind looking face.
First thought was gosh a long back, not that she has. It's just I have a short coupled one, barely any saddle space.
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Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Thank you all, I am so so excited and happy we found her and that she will be here soon! I'll update and have more photos when she arrives:D:D

It was a real last minute sudden viewing too and I just felt so comfortable on her :)
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Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Ooh how lovely, she looks beautiful and I too will be waiting for your 'she's here' thread. Congratulations.
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