I love my horses


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Dec 21, 2011
Shetland, UK
Daughter and I decided to move the herd (all boys - all ages) from one field to another which is over common grazing.

So we led the youngsters who were very happy and then went back for the older ones including the stallion. We had three headcollars and five more horses to move.

I had two geldings, daughter had the stallion and we fully intended to come back for the two old men. But we didn't have to. They followed across the hill (scattald) and that was that. Two trips, 8 horses moved with no messing about.

I love my horses.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Don't you just love it when they behave. I'm like that with the cows. Some on headcollars and hope the rest behave and don't get the hackles up, bombing off.
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