-I love my pony- moment and a video!!


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Aug 20, 2005
I've just spent all evening making a video and I have to say..it's been worth it, I've watched it 3 times over and am having a huge I LOVE LACEY moment.

She is really such a smasher, she never says no and she tries SO hard. I took her to this jumping practise thing (I hired the sj course at the centre where I'm competing her next week to practise jumping away from home for half an hour) and she was AMAZING. She had quite a few stops at first, just having a good look, and had a tantrum by number 3 (this annoyed me, we jumped it, then I circled to jump it again and she stopped, I trotted round to jump it again and she jumped so I went round to do it a second time and she stopped, and so on for a while) but we ended up going orund several times at a height 2 foot 9 - 3 foot. At the time I wasd a bit disappointed considering she never stops, but looking back she was brilliant, considering it was her first time jumping a completly strange course of jumps (obviously she's seen the ones at home before)at a place where she's only ever been once before (I did my dressage competition there) and gaaah she's such a star. [:D]

I mean, I know she's green and inexperienced but I still can't believe my luck with her. She's like..my dream horse. And I'm not even a cob person!
Here's why.
-She's roan
-She's talkative and LOVES people
-I know she really loves me, I call her as soon as I open the gate in the mornings coming onto the yard and before she's even looked out of her box she neighs at the sound of my voice (its a livery yard and I've made people come onto the yard and call her when I wadn't there to see if she does it with them and she doesn't.) Also when she's nervous of something, like when she was being clipped, she pushes her nose against my chest as if to say "Help me mum" (its so sweet), she gallops over when I catch her, and the other day Jacob escaped when I was bringing Lacey in to ride, I put Jacob back in and let Lacey trot through the gate on her own to simplify matters, and she trotted off to eat some grass while i sorted out the gate, and when I was ready for her she trotted back to me so I could put the headcollar on and take her away)
-She's so friendly, she follows you round in the field, she loves attention and is so cuddly.
-She's absolutly beautiful (people stop me when i'm out on rides to say how gorgeous she is)
-She's naughty, which I love because I love a challenge, but not dangerous.
-She never ends up letting me go to bed disappointed in her, even if I am at first I always realise she's been amazing.
-She's up for anything, I can tell she's gonna be the pony of my childhood sort of thing, we're already having a blast, I don't always have to take things seriously with her. She's a cob, I can jump on her bareback and charge round the school to my hearts content and it won't do her any damage.
-Even though she's a challenge she still listens especially when it matters so at (only 2 but shss) shows we go to she still does well.
-She's an AMAZING jumper.

Maah sorry for rambling so long, I just love her so much. (I do still adore Willow and I have a nice chat with her in the stable everyday and give her a lovely groom so she doesn't feel neglected), but whereas I hated Willow when I got her, I hadn't wanted her (adore her now - mums do know best sometimes!) I fell for Lacey straight away. We 'clicked' as soon as I saw her. And she clicked with me too, her old owner told us she'd told 2 people to get off her because they didn't get on with her at all.

I just have this amazing feeling we're gonna go and just fufill all of my dreams.

Will post video tomorrow!


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Jan 4, 2006
Great vid!

I really enjoyed it!

Wow isn't she a great jumper - she really goes for it and clears them by miles!!!

The love is clearly visible.

Thanks for sharing.


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Aug 20, 2005
:D Thanks hehe, she just adores jumping. It's really testing my self control not to raise them 6 inches everytime I jump her.


Back in the saddle yeehaa
Feb 16, 2006
What a fab vid and a lovely pony.

My DH who doesn't know one end of a horse from the other even watched it and was impressed.


Amy's mum

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Nov 16, 2006
Thats really lovely, well done in making the video.

You are very lucky to have a beautiful horse and a fantasic friendship.


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Aug 20, 2005
:p Yep thanks for that photo its really nice.

And thanks everyone :D

That video took me FOREVER to make because after almost every jumping clip it crashed -_-, so I hope you're appreciating it :p .
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