I love old horsey books!!

Especially this one with it's fold back illustrations from the end of the 19th century:smile:




Love this one..






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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh what a lovely BOOOOOOOOOOOOK *drool* *slaver*

The quality of those illustrations is astonishing.

Please, Poohsmate, what is it? I want one!


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That's fab, I love the old books too.

Did you see the Duchess of Cornwall chose 'Moorland Mousie' for her favourite childhood book? It's a lovely book with illustrations by Lionel Edwards and in my copy someone has saved a piece from 'Country Life' in 1932 with pictures of the original real life pony who inspired the stories. Does anyone else have it? I posted a picture on our Westgate labs facebook page.

The Moorland Mousie trust are doing a reprint now and you can buy it from their shop.
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