I need a new electric fence energiser

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
(also need some more wire, insulators etc, but that’s another story)

just asking for recommendations please, make and model. I will be moving it from field to field so at most it needs to do one acre.

Also, does anyone use the solar panels that can be connected to the battery to keep it charged? Not too many sunny days in Lancashire so not sure this would be worth £35.00 ish.


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Jan 7, 2013
Have not used solar panels but it is something I'm going to look into this year. I have a Hotline Raptor energiser and they also got one for work. Both run long lengths of fence but there are varying sizes for varying lengths you can buy. We have the 2nd strongest forget the actual size at the moment. I like it as it has a clever light that flashes green when all is Well blue when there is something g not quite right,e.g. A branch lying on the fence line not stopping current but will drain, then a red light when something is very wrong. My gate for example had snapped clean in half and was on my fence, not a small short circuit problem but because of the light system I can tell straight away if all is ok or needs some tlc.it saves alot of time when you use electric permenatly. It also has a back up battery inside that it will jump onto of the main battery died and if memory serves me it flashes blue or between blue and green to let you know.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
I have a hotline energiser and a small car battery which was light enough to carry across field when it went flat. I got a solar panel, which someone changed the wiring terminals for me, to connect to the energiser. Oh my life I think I only had to charge the battery once after that. What a difference it made. One job less to think about. Id pay out a bit more for a better quality solar panel.
I'm on mains now.
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I have a couple of energisers, the x stop is good and does up to 10km of fence but only at a 0.6 joules output which is fine for my guys but may not be enough for a determined fence wrecker. I run that with a leisure battery and 25w solar panel with a charge controller and its been great, only had to charge it once over winter after I changed to a 1j output unit and I had a short on the fence and the weather was pants so I think it was the combo of those that meant it ran down.
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