Icelandic British Champs 2009! Results and pics


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Aug 22, 2003
north west london
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Featuring NR's very own *IR*, CER and nevilla

Now, forgive me for actually not having complete results of any sort. But hopefully someone will add them later :rolleyes:

I went down on the sat, the 2nd day of qualifiers, the finals being on sunday.

Only pics of IR and CER I'm afraid, as camera low on batt (or so i thought).

The intermediate tolt- first a few laps of slow tolt, then tolt with speed changes- slow on bends, fast on long sides)
CER in slow tolt

fast tolt

4 Gait class (Show a lap of trot,tolt,canter, and half a lap of walk)
IR flying!


(and fellow competitor, tolt)

a nice trot lap from the steadles

(apologies for blurriness)


If I got this right- Intermediate told, IR came 4th and CER came 6th. Top 5 qualify for the final, so IR went on to come joint 3rd in the final, whilst CER came 2nd in the 'final for people who didnt get into a final' (don't ask...)

I know CER came 7th in the intermediate 4 gaits, whereas IR was in the FIPO 4 gaits (proper qualifying class), and not sure where she came, sorry :eek:

And Nev seemed to me to ride and do very well- but I don't know where she place in any of her hundreds of classes either. Sorry!

I'm sure the others will be on later/tomorrow to update on their various dramas...but enjoy!


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Dec 30, 2006
Well done girls. You've done NR proud. :D I'm just sorry I wasn't there to witness any of it :(

Will speak to you during the week IR and then you can fill CER in.


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Apr 16, 2000
Will you all stop looking into your bellies? Chin up or I'll come down and shout at all of you! ;) ;)


me+horses=smiley person
Aug 22, 2003
north west london
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There were some classic moments of both of those. Particularly the trot one (though I'm sadly lacking pics of it)

And sadly also, a fair few people entering classes where they didn't even attempt to get one of the gaits :confused: (e.g. not trying for trot in the 4 gaits, just walking round). Seemed a bit odd to me, but hey what do I know.

At least it meant I could develop my knowledge of piggy pace, rolling in the tolt, and what a more pacey tolt looks like. As well as fox trot, and some other concoction of excited bouncing and legs everywhere. I learnt lots :D


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Apr 16, 2000
That's right, cantering with one and and trotting with the other! :D :D


Lots of Valhopp going on .... in the 4 gait beginners classes (piggy paces cantering infront) and in the 5gait test.

Am uploading all my pictures etc tonight before I say much more about this weekend.
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