In hand and ridden showing. OMG


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Me and my sharer, Jodie decided to take Sox to a little showing show. Jodie did in hand vet and I did best turned out and ridden horse.

Well it took us 4 hours,mainly in the rain yesterday to get him Show ready. Set off very late, but they were running late themselves thank god!!! He was so good considering we hadn't been there 30 mins and a horse got loose, coming towards us! Then a while after another horse got loose! He got 3rd place in the vet class.

Getting him tacked up for ridden was harder! He doesn't do standing still at home when it comes to tack, so once we got that sorted I got on. He was like a ticking time bomb! As I know what he can be like ( bombing off, spinning shooting off, leaping and bucking) I was very tense and struggled to relax. We waited until the warm up ring litrally had one horse in it then he went it. Just walked. Someone teed off as there is a good course behind the field and he shot off!! ( normally they don't bother him!) So due to the other person wanting to canter I went to the gate. Well he went backwards, span around twice, left the warm up doing so. I had visions of us taking off around the field! So I span him back and just walked around to calm more me then him.
At that time I was like he is Too hot i aren't going to enter either.. my RI had a few words.on the phone. So We went into best turned out and he wouldn't stand so I had to keep on turning him. We got 3rd!!!

Took him back into the warm up, my RI had arrived, thank god!!!! I was so nervous I didn't dare walk him across the field, so she came with me, gave me a 15 mins little lesson and he went really well. By the end we were cantering no problem!

In the last class! Ridden horse. The dreaded ' and into canter please ' the other horse infront set off. I asked for Sox to in the next corner and he did a very very nice canter, in a group! No bucking, leaping etc etc. On the other rein I thought he was going to go! But I had hold of him. We did our test, which me and my RI said that's the best I have ever ridden him.

The judge really liked him , but we didn't get placed. I asked for feedback and he said I need to sit up not lean forward otherwise he goes on the forehand and just more consistent with the trot and canter. He did say as he is a very flashy horse it's very easy to see anything miner. And the class was very strong. But when we are more consistent he will be amazing.
Jodie rode him back and I had about 12 ciggs afterwards!!!



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Nov 11, 2018
Oh well done! I'd have been on the vodka, let alone the cigs!! He is so striking - you can pick him out a mile off. Looks just stunning, and you scrubbed up well too girl!
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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh well done, that's such an achievement. So many classes! And he looks absolutely stunning, look at the perfect condition he's in. Fantastic!

I think just getting through Best Ridden is a win. It's always a massive class anyway.
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Jul 31, 2005
Very well done. I went to a show yesterday too. But just on foot šŸ˜‚ I cheered my friends on and was chief videographer šŸ˜Ž The thought of competing utterly terrifies me at the moment, so you're already doing better that me! šŸ‘
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