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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I have a question about soxs insurance. Due to his past issues Sox was covered for injury in the field and that's all. No vet bills etc.
However he has now improved. We compete at shows/school/ hack and generally had fun.
But Sox does have ppid, with lami, lameness in his fores previously, arthritic though I aren't sure if this was put.on the policy and cancelled his stomach due to his IBD which is now treated


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Apr 23, 2009
Raf was excluded for colic and UTIs and anything respiratory after having a virus that caused all three symptoms as a 4 year old. He was later excluded for anything to do with arthritis, mud fever and anything related to PPID, and I can't remember what else. Oh yes, anything to do with his digestive tract following his ulcers. They were all lifetime exclusions so basically there was only injury left. Meanwhile the premiums kept going up, which I could have understood if his risk was increasing, but as they weren't going to pay out for any of his risk conditions it seemed a bit pointless to continue.

I'm not complaining, I had some fairly substantial claims and don't feel that I wasted my money, but I just didn't think ot was worth it any more. I now just have third party with my BHS gold membership, although Harry Hall looks quite interesting too.

Sorry back to you and Sox - are you thinking of insuring him for vet bills again? I think all his previous illnesses will still be taken into account and they will go with him from insurer to insurer. Also it doesn't matter if you've claimed for them, if they're on his vet notes they'll be taken into account. I'd never claimed for mud fever, having just bought a tub of cream from the vets in the past to clear up a few scabs, but the insurers saw it in his notes (which they'd requested because of one of the vet's diagnosis of arthritis, nothing to do with mud fever).
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Jan 6, 2006
They are the sort of exclusions you won't get lifted as they're lifelong conditions, even the IBD would be viewed as one since if his management changed it would be likely to recur. Accidental external damage can still be worth having though, horses ime can mange to do a lot of damage to themselves and produce significant vet bills that way. It's up to you if you decide to carry on with vet cover, have a careful and honest think about what you'd do if he came in with, say,, a badly cut leg which then got infected and needed a lot of vet treatment - could you afford it?

You'd still want some insurance cover for third party if nothing else, but if that's all you want then look at BJHS Gold membership and see how that compares.
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Dec 21, 2003
You'd still want some insurance cover for third party if nothing else,
I got BHS gold for 3rd party before my first hack and then discovered I have third party on our household insurance. And grand daughter had it through her parents' household insurance. BHS Gold will only pay out as last resort, if no other policy exists or will pay.
I thought horse was a vehicle needing insurance to go on the roads, like car insurance, but it isnt.

I am glad to see you back Carthorse. I worried you had Covid or an accident. Your constant presence helped me through lock down. But I guess like everyone you deserve a day off sometimes.
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Jan 6, 2006
@Skib I've been around but quite quiet, my asthma has been causing me real problems and just getting through the day has left me very tired. Yet another med added to the list though, and this one has worked a near miracle - I can breathe easily, I'm not constantly coughing and my chest no longer feels tight all the time. I'm quite annoyed that the surgery have been refusing face to face for it, I feel very sure it would have been sorted out a lot more quickly that way rather than over the phone, particularly when I was often struggling to speak more than a few words without coughing.

It amazes me there's no legal requirement to insure a horse to ride on the road, I think there should be given how much damage they can very easily cause if something goes wrong.
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