Introducing (& update)


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Jan 15, 2010
ive not been very active for a few weeks as i had a horrible gastric bug that lasted a whole 2 weeks, eugh. Also it was the kids holidays, we were lambing and foaling... hubby got no time off and I was flying solo.

I also havent ridden for weeks as we got that 2nd lot of snow and then i got super busy with night checks and being ill. however this week we trailered over to the indoor and I got back on board!! So watch this space! Brook was amazing for having just been left to her own devices pretty much.

And.... all those night checks paid off as we have started foaling with the arrival of this beautiful, big, strong filly. Mum is a first timer and struggled a bit and was a little shocked and sore but is fine now. Im completely in love with this baby. Meet..... Passion. This was at 6.30am after Id had about 3 hours sleep (she was born at 10pm the night before)

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