Introductions here please!


Nov 8, 1999
I know this has been done before but let introduce ourselves properly :) There are a number of 'new' members now joining and it would be great to hear all about them and of course any existing guys :)...... and .... it goes without saying, we want pics of your horses please ;)

OK, so I'll start.

I've been riding for about 38yrs but don't presently have any horses. My interest is mainly in flatwork but more down to the fact that I'm too scared to jump now:eek: We live in a perpetual project on the Welsh borders with a rabble of dogs, chickens and sheep, oh, and a male donkey who curiously has a female sounding name. I have a glamorous job cleaning other peoples houses whilst my own is an inch deep in dust and hanging in cobwebs :rolleyes: and my car has been loving named 'the kit skip'. 'Kit' because it's rapidly dropping to bits to be fixed with baler twine and duct tape and 'skip' as that's what it's like inside :cool:
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I am Amanda nearly 40 been riding since 3 years old but ddi not start horse wonership until 28 years when I bought Peps a New Forest x arab (who is held in high regard by Yann) My loan had to go back ass about to foal:eek:.

I now own Jasmyn the arab and hubby owns Kizzy our unexpected foal - an Id x cob- now aged 8..

Fund these by supply teaching and hubby works for Leeds Council.


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Dec 7, 2005
Hello :)

Well, I've been riding since I was 17, now 22. I work at a horse sanctuary part time, at an office full time. I don't have my own horse, but I ride rtk's cob mare called Tilly and have been for around a month now. I don't have pictures yet, rtk will have to provide those. ;)

Tilly and I were getting on quite well, but we've had a few hiccups riding wise over the last week and we realised that she takes confidence from her rider and we need to bond really as shes not used to a new rider. I think she likes me (for the most part) on the ground though, and I love her to pieces.

I also have three cats that live with my mum, I've recently moved out and it would be cruel to break them up, they're too close.


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Feb 5, 2008
greenford, UK

i'm kerrie and i'm 22. I started riding at 14 when i did work experiance att a trekking centre and stayed working there afterwards but i've been obsessed with horses for as long as i can remember. I now have 2 of my own and work on a livery yard/stud


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May 25, 2008
South Wales/Bohemia
I will be next in queue...:)
I am riding for 1.5 year now with breaks for my exam and hols. So I am still learning.:)
I live in South Wales (3 years now) with my OH and 2 dogs and 1 mare and her filly. We lived in Staffordsire before (1.5 year) and I was born in Prague and lived there till we moved to the UK.
We live in rented house, my car is not posh but it is great with petrol and I would not be sorry to carry horse/dog food in, muddy wellies, hay and straw.:)
I am veterinary nurse so my life is full of animals.
I am one of those ´crazy´ people getting meathorse from France (originally from Spain). She came to me year ago and surpise, surprise she was in foal. So she was just ridden couple of times and will need to re- started. Vihar (filly born on 27.4.09 SpanishXPercheron we think) will be weaned in few weeks so then the work with mum (Nikita 7-8 years old, Hispano arab - we think) will start. I do not regret I did it as I love them both and I am sure, with help of experiecend friends, everything will be OK.
I found people here very helpful and happy to help. So please be patient with me if I will have a lot of questions.:)

Here are some pics from this afternoon:




Thank you for your time and ahve a great time with your equines:)


Sep 13, 2009
Hi i am Hazel and i am 27. I have been riding since i was 5 although i have been travelling around Australia for just over a year and i am currently horseless!

I work in an office, i have a gorgeous rescue dog called Baxter pictured below and at the moment i am living back with my parents as i sold my house prior to travelling.

I am just geting back into riding and i am on a search for a good riding school! I have been visiting lots of local shows with my Australian OH :D to show him the way us brits do showing!

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Dec 16, 2004
good idea remmy :D well, i live up in scotland and started riding 23 years ago. 18 years ago i got my first pony and have never been without since. Spent my youth in pony club and showjumping. although i'm a bit too nervous to do much jumping now i'm gonna have to snap out of it as youngster will need taught to jump! really enjoy dressage and have regular lessons on both my horses. teach science to fund my obsession :D


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Apr 28, 2009
II am one of those ´crazy´ people getting meathorse from France (originally from Spain). She came to me year ago and surpise, surprise she was in foal. So she was just ridden couple of times and will need to re- started. Vihar (filly born on 27.4.09 SpanishXPercheron we think) will be weaned in few weeks so then the work with mum (Nikita 7-8 years old, Hispano arab - we think) will start. I do not regret I did it as I love them both and I am sure, with help of experiecend friends, everything will be OK.
I found people here very helpful and happy to help. So please be patient with me if I will have a lot of questions.:)

Nice piccys! I am another of the crazy people, i have a percheron x comtois filly, just about 18mths old and a trotter aswell both from FRANCE. Two weeks ago became the owner of two colt foals to add to the girls, UK born and bred. Live in Essex with OH and teenage son, two cats and a rescue dog.


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
My name is Anna, I am a 40 yr old mum of two teenagers and have been riding around 3 years. I have had Rosie, a 14'1 Haflinger mare for around 18 months. Due to a confidence crisis I didnt ride her for about a year but have been back on board a few months and am just starting to hack out and about.

Im not sure where Im going with my riding except for the fact the I am a parelli student, which i love, and will continue with as well some other bits of NH. I quite fancy le trec and maybe some of the shorter endurance rides and in the short term hope to do my first pleasure ride in the next few weeks.

For a living I am an adult placement carer - this works like fostering but for adults with a learning difficulties so as well as me and my husband, 2 teenagers, we have 3 adults and one of their boyfriends live with us as part of our family - add 2 dogs, 2 snakes and 2 horses and you'll see why Im pretty busy and prone to stress!!!! :D I love every minute and wouldnt swap a thing. Lifes great :p


Aug 2, 2009
Hi i am Alison and i am 26. I have been riding since i was 11. I started out at a riding school untill i was 18, then i took a break for a few years. After this i shared a welsh d for 5 years but sadly that had to end in Feb this year. I then rode my friends cob who is a cheeky chap but lovely, he happens to get very over excited and one day decided to do a bucking bronco on me and then take off, i fell off and ended up down A&E. Did get back on him but then lost my nerve with him as when ever he got over excited he would buck. After this i went back to a riding school and have managed to fall off 2 times since being their , Hence to say i am a bit of a nervous rider now. Last week a lovely girl replied to my add about me looking for a horse to share and i am now the happy sharer of an arab mare called ellie mae who is so sweet and lovely. The hacking around where she is kept is amazing and had a great time riding around the stubble fields today :)
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Jul 20, 2008
TUT, Posted before i'd finished!!

At 20 I bought my house to renovate so didnt have time. At 23 I rang round for a stable to see if there were any in my local area as i knew it was time to get a horse again! 1st place i rang, no stables, but 9 horses to share :) A friesian stud!

Kevin who owns the breeds but doesnt ride! So needed someone to help ride them, at the time there was Lisa going down who helped break them, being the skinny little thing she is! It was up to Me and Lisa to bring them on! We did that, now Lisa has left so theres only me there whose bringing them on! Good progress too!

5 mares,, 3 foals and one stallion!


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Oct 5, 2008
South Manchester
Hi I'm Emma and I'm 28. I've been riding since I was 8 and currently have a 15hh tobiano cob called Shah.:)

I bought him a year ago and we've had a stressful year with him being diagnosed with navicuar and arthritus at only 8! However, he's a real sweetie and loves his cuddles!



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Aug 31, 2008
Belfast NI
Im sharon, 40 something:eek: and live in belfast NI
I have 4 rescued dogs, 1 lurcher and 3 greyhounds, i work as a support worker and am currently seeking a second job
I have been riding now a year, after a 20 yr break
I would love to own a horse, or loan, but am afraid to incase it doesnt work out, either financially or just bcause I have no experience, so still thinking about it
thats it:)
have a teenage son too:D
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Native Lover

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
Hi I am Marley,43 live in Lincoln with my partner 3 dogs,1 cat.Started originally riding in my 20s but never got past trotting used to hack out on my bombproof fell mare with my kids.We had a small herd of various kids ponies back then.Had to sell them all when i split with my ex :(

Returning to riding after a 7 years break and have started riding lessons at a local riding school,had my first canter a few lessons back at 43 :)

We have Sweep a black shetland mare and Faye a dun ID x conemarra.We keep them on our own rented yard outside Lincoln.

Having loads of fun and enjoying being back with horses again after my break.


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Mar 1, 2005
My name is Laura as if you haven't already guessed from the secret username and I'm 25 :rolleyes:

I own a cob called Prince, he is my first horse and you're guess is as good as mine with regards to his breed, he came to me looking like a neglected mammoth in the middle of summer who only went backwards when you rode him and if you were walking him in hand you were sure to be dragged about. Bless the little guy he was only 4 and had hardly been handled.

I was a novice horse owner and rider with a young horse, disaster zone right?.. but somehow I've managed to turn this uncontrollable beast into this well mannered, hardly puts a hoof wrong, handsome chappy :D



lifelong sufferer of restless brain syndrome
Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
I'm Jess, I'm 24 and I'm a Cornish lass, although I moved away from there six years ago. At the moment I live in the Algarve in southern Portugal, where I work as a groom/ride leader/working pupil/assistant Pony Club instructor at a riding school. I started riding when I was 17 and learned by hacking out on naughty ponies and falling off a lot! I don't own a horse and never have done but when I was at uni in Cardiff I had a lovely TB mare on half share.

Before I came here in June, I worked at a riding school & livery yard in northern Italy for two years. Before that I was in the Channel Islands working with showjumpers. I am a bit of a free spirit, very independent and happy to do things on my own, and I plan to spend the next 10 years or so working with horses and travelling all over the world :cool:

Working with horses you get to form relationships with lots of different characters and I have felt affection for pretty much all the horses I've looked after, but my most special one was a cheeky little guy called Rocky, who was at my yard in Italy. His favourite things were eating, sleeping and rolling. I miss him :(




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Elly Koopman

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Oct 22, 2004
Norwich, Norfolk
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I am 28, started properly riding at 15/16, got a YTS placement as a trainee instructor in a riding school, dad got interested again in riding and bought Rosie who now lives the life of riley with me and my new 3 1/2yr old boy Nuggy at a livery up the road. Rosie is shown and nuggy will be too when he's been re-backed.

To pay for the ponios I work as a Restaurant Manager which allows me the fortune of being able to ride at a civilised time every day, although with the winter coming I am finding it hard to find the enthusiasm to ride at 7am in the cold and dark after getting home at 2am that same morning :eek: :eek:


Apr 29, 2002
I have been around NR for over 7 years, ridden for over half a century and for the last 20 years run my own riding school.

Previously I was an accountant working in London ...boring but good way to make money to have lots of horses. :D

As well as my schoolies I have a welshman who is certainly not the 'retirement plod' I envisaged and a sensible cob who works in the RS, hack out and hunts.


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Feb 21, 2006
Hello :) I've been riding since I was 8, so 9 years now :eek: On and off really though, I'm pretty dire! I've decided I just want to be safe in what I do....if I don't endanger myself, my horse or anyone else I'm happy! :) I'd like to try some trec and cross country but just enjoy doing whatever really!

I don't have any horses and am not riding right now due to lack of transport but before the year is up hopefully :)
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