Is the grass 'weird' this year?

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Mar 15, 2008
Mine hasn't gained weight from moving onto the Spring grass. Yes she has now got that grass belly but that's not weight that's gas.

Not complaining. So anyone else noticing this?

The only thing I have done is slightly increased her work. She came out of winter at an ideal weight from my minor tweak over winter and it might just have worked. Maybe the weather has been colder than usual?

Photos can tell lies because she looks fat in some! But the weigh tape is still 458kg ( guide I know) but I am still in the winter girth on the same holes.
Ps she is also very dark this year. @Jessey she had been on Raspberry Leaf since January is likely to darken it?



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Jan 6, 2006
With how up & down the weather has been it wouldn't surprise me if the grass growth has been odd. I've heard of a lot of laminitis about though :(

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May 2, 2007
113 la land
Mine were on the same large field for 4 months and have lost weight. They were definitely keeping up with any new growth coming through. I moved them 3 weeks ago, first onto the jump paddock for a week and then into there other field but so far no weight gain. Work load is about the same, maybe a wee bit more. I'm going to worm them in a weeks time before they go onto another rested section of pasture. I'm a little concerned the weight hasn't gone on as well.

Nov 10, 2014
Not allot of growth here, it's only just starting to push up in the rested fields. The dryness of spring I think definitely has all to do with it


Somewhere in the solar system
Mar 15, 2008
I have noticed that she isn't sweating either like last year. So either fitter or its just not been as warm.
It's been very windy here. Maybe blowing the calories off!
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Dec 20, 2004
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I never noticed any darkening with Jess when on the raspberry, but she's ginger so difficult to tell.

Our grass is lush, I normally get them on the track by April, but they are still in the middle due to the fencing contractor using the track to access the perimeter. Jess hasn't blown up (belly wise) but is looking very solid at the moment, Hank sadly already has his budda belly going on (chunky over his ribs but it tapers down then bulges out into a second belly) im going to pick up a muzzle for him today :( I have noticed a lot of our grass has started to go to seed already, which is very early, I think it's the warm and wet weather we've had.

I'm desperate for them to go to the new field now so they can go on track but there's still loads of grass there, I'm going to go and start putting the inner fence in today and I might mow the top section so they can start off in there in a couple of weeks.