Is the snowy weather making your horses sharp?


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Feb 16, 2013
Mine have been spooky horrors for the last few days. Normally they're dobbins to lead in and out of their field, but I've had jogging, barging, spooking, spinning and even rearing. Was supposed to have a lesson on Angel yesterday but she was so tense and worried and upset (I think about the snow melting on the roof) that I ended up just lunging her instead. She has box-walked for the last two days - I can tell by the pattern of the shavings in her box in the morning - and it can't be a coincidence that it's since the snow started. Even Roxy has been ridiculously on her toes, showing off her best spooky moves.

Anyway, not sure what to do! Don't really want to ride them if they're going to do their best to ditch me and are freaking out at things I can't see or fathom. Do I just give them a few days off and hope they go back to being chilled, or ride through it (not sure what that will actually achieve tbh)?

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Aug 17, 2009
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In the field, there's been some heel kicking up, but to and from the field, self preservation has definitely kicked in and all the horses seem to know its not safe to be farting about lol! But maybe that's the smart Scottish horses who are used to dealing with this weather a bit more than you guys down south lol!
I'd not be riding on hard ground right now if there's a chance you might end up on the deck but that's maybe just my fear. I still have a numb patch from it happening six years ago.
Maybe give them something else in their stable to keep them occupied, might chill them out a bit from feeling fresh? I have a football covered with a haynet and hung up with some carrots sticking out round it and he noses away at it for ages. Or a treat ball. But then maybe if they're all het up it wouldn't be a good idea to feed more!
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Jan 15, 2008
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Mine freaked out the other day too when i was leading her back to her field, bucking and rearing she just couldn't contain herself. the only good thing is she did have the decency to lunge away from me first!
I've decided not to ride until the weather settles down a bit, should be ok again next week but for the moment its snow, hail and high winds :(
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May 18, 2009
Nope... not in the slightest, the only weather that winds Belle up is really fierce winds, even then she's still super well behaved once the head collar goes on.
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Dec 20, 2004
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Yes, but we don't have any snow just ice, Jess was being a complete spooky annie yesterday, even I was scary at one point! Then a dog, a bike, a leaf I think, and there were loads of those invisible ghouls around too aparently :rolleyes: I'd arranged to meet friends for a ride and I had to cancel as the roads weren't terrible but there was enough patchy ice that I didn't want to be on top of a spook machine :mad: I walked her in hand for 15 mins just until she calmed down a bit then chucked her back out and I went back later once the sun had a chance to melt most of the ice and rode her, she was significantly better for take 2 :)


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Oct 13, 2004
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I am not riding due to her leg but yes both are bonkers atm! Today they are much better as temps have come up. Like me, since moving here they have grown soft! The past couple of days affected them - I think they were playful side out but also trying to keep warm. Yesterday their moonwalking was interesting. Chloe turned mountain goat and was very agile as she scaled the banking along the yard, quite the ballet dancer!:p:eek:


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Aug 2, 2000
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Here in Austria we get a lot of snow and yes, fresh snow makes many horses jumpy. It is a well known fact where I live. It is worst early in winter, they seem to get used to it after a few days. There is not much you can do about it, really. Some people lunge their horses before riding, so they get the snorting and bucking phase out of the way before getting on.
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