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Dec 20, 2004
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My Cali cat has always been prone to over grooming, had a couple of vets looks and say it’s nothing to worry about it’s just some cats do it but I feel like she is overly itchy which probably doesn’t help.

I can’t see any evidence of fleas (I use advantage drops) and she’s wormed, and I’ve tried a couple of different foods (she’s on biscuits) including a sensitive one although that appears to be more referring to tummy.

Several weeks ago she licked a sore on her hind leg and before I knew it, it was a marble sized bloody lump, plus a bald patch on her back. I’ve had a cone of shame on her and it’s all but healed up, so I started taking the cone off when I’m around and yesterday she licked a 50p sized bald patch at the top of her front leg, so the cone is back on.

Any ideas on what causes over grooming? She doesn’t appear stressed, lone cat, free food, water and a cat flap to come and go as she pleases, house backs onto fields and she loves going out roaming. She loves cuddles and I’ve been home working for months. If it were a horse I’d add some oil to her diet! Maybe some of those little fishes in tins?


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Apr 30, 2010
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You could try adding some fish oil to her feed. It's helped a series of our cats through sore and dry skin, harvester mites etc. Or contact Ms Ruggles at Ruggle-it and see what she recommends :)
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May 18, 2009
My cat does this when she’s stressed, usually if her sister is being a nasty bugger to her! No idea on itchy skin though, I’ve been suffering with itchy skin myself for over a year now and nothing short of antihistamine will stop mine so if you find an answer to your itchy kitty’s skin id be curious to try it myself.
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Abbey dog has gone very itchy again currently. I even shampooed her a few weeks ago as she went very scurfy. With an eczema type patch in the middle of her back. Never had that before. Fortunately the patch has now healed. She was only wearing cone of shame at night but she has taken a shine to her front legs these last few weeks so cone of shame is on 24/7 now. Shes worn it for years so it doesnt actually bother her wearing it.

She is on raw meat turkey, diet and has olive oil everyday on her meal to help with her constipation. So olive oil doesnt work for itchy skin. Her overall health issue is a yeast problem. Which effects her whole body. Her bottom, her ears, her chin and her feet.

What biscuit protein are you using. Chicken can cause itching in dogs. Not sure with cats. Might be worth some research and changing the protein type. Turkey protein is generally fine for dogs.

Abbeys also on a steroid based tablet to control her yeast and itchyness. Prednidale or prednidole is what the vet prescribes. No idea if it can be given to cats.
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