Jill fell off Albi again!


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Her own fault this time :p

Having had him checked over by her equine physio and been given the green light that all is fine after they both took a tumble a fortnight ago, in the absence of her saddle (which has been sent back to Fieldhouse for inspection), she hopped on bareback in the school on Monday evening. Now this isn't a new thing for the pair of them, she often rides him without a saddle and she has an amazingly secure seat at all 3 paces. I'm well jel!!

She popped him over a small cross pole and then she got cocky and asked me to put it up straight. Only to about 18" though. First jump was fine but the second time she slipped to the side on landing - and without her pedals she continued sliding. Albi stopped instantly as Jill, winded, sat up cautiously. She has bruised her coccyx and actually hurts more from this one than the one at the show. She is still on painkillers. The things we learned were (a) Albi doesn't have a fear of jumps following his fall (b) he stops instantly if you fall off and (c) the school surface (rubber and sand) is harder than it looks!!!

We are both taking up dressage!!! :p


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Mar 15, 2008
I hope she is ok and yes don't be fooled into thinking a school surface is soft. It's been compacted and can be just as hard if not more so than a field. Though it's softer than a road, that imprints itself on you I can vouch for that!


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Ouch! She may well have broken her coccyx, easily done and horribly painful. I hope she is soon on the mend. As for riding bareback and jumping, one day maybe, my limit is canter I'm afraid but knowing how big Belle jumps, maybe not, she's a braver man than me for sure.
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