Just had my first lesson of 2009 and feel like a complete novice - HELP!!


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Jan 30, 2008
As title states, lessons with instructor started tonight and my main thing to work on right now is cantering. I haven't done much canter work with Thea apart from a few attemps in the school last year that ended in a more bucking broncho effect although out hacking when we've had the opportunity in company she has been good as gold. However, I want to be asking her to canter properly not just following the leader...but every time it came to asking her for canter I just had a total block, I know what I should be doing but it all goes pear shaped, I tense up, tip forward, draw my legs up so stirrups might as well not be there and feel like a complete sack of potatoes as poor Thea just runs faster! Its so frustrating, I think each time I am waiting for her to buck (although I'm not actually worried about coming off!!) - and I have convinced myself I'm going to screw it up anyway....what's wrong with me????:rolleyes: I am going to try and get a canter when we are out on our own next time but I have this stumbling block with asking for it in the school...HELP!!:eek:
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Mar 28, 2009
dont worry too much at this time about what you are doing right or wrong

jumping is differant, its possible to ride a good balance course of fences with a canter that isnt on the bit etc

try finding a nice sitting trot and control the speed until you feel comfortable

its really not important your horses head is in a shape on the bit at this time, as it will be hard for him

try and keep it relaxed and straight then when you have this almost ride with your seat as if you are pretending to canter......send which ever leg forward to want him to strike on ...and mimik his canter in the saddle with your seat ..he should go with you :)

keep it collected and slow and so it feels like his back end is lower than his front. build strength here before you ask him to "work" in canter

its worked for me if they are a little violent to sit to cos they havent done it for ages :)
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