Just some snowy Pics!!!


Black Beastie

As the title suggests I took some pics today (and the other day) of Kia and some other things and just thought I would share :D

What you got??

Hmmmm thats interesting???

Anything edible under there???

What you doing with that mum???

Im off for a run Mum!!!




More to come.......>>>>>>>>

Nikki xxxxx

Black Beastie

More piccies

More running!!! (he did it for a fair few mins!!!)


And pose!!!!

Ok and Scott took some pics of me driving our new X-trail!!!


I will post the vids as soon as they upload.:D

Nikki xxxx


New Member
May 12, 2007
Oh i love the snow and we haven't had any!! Pictures are gorgeous. Your grin says it all about your new car :)

Black Beastie

Well I was getting threatend with a back hoof if I didnt play :eek::D

He does this in the vids of today and I have a few when he was out the other day on the wind (which is the scary horse eating devil of all monsters :rolleyes:)

Will post as soon as they are uploaded my laptop takes ages :rolleyes::eek:

Nikki xxxx

Black Beastie


Ok snowy field

I apologise about the messyness of the vids as I was trying not to laugh and also trying to make sure that Kia didnt over stp the human space thing and 'PLAY' with me to hard lol!!!:D

The windy ones are coming up soon :D:D

Nikki xxxx

Skippys Mum

New Member
Nov 25, 2007
Okay, maybe its me but no vids???? Oh, ignore this, they must just have been taking a while to load.xxx
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Black Beastie

Windy vids!!

Ok here are the last ones I ahve went a bit heavy lol but I dont post alot any more so I have to concentrate them down lol!!

Nikki xxxxx


He just keeps getting better looking everytime I see him :D


Black Beastie

Thank you!!!!

I will pass on these compliments to the guy in question lol!!!

He is happy and he keeps himself occupied despite being the only horse. I mean there are beasts and sheep to be disciplined and chased lol!!!;):D

Nikki xxxx
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