Lavender Calms Horses Down? Yes or No


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Sep 28, 2005
I have read that if you put lavender in a horses stall or you let them smell it for a few minutes, it calms them down, makes tham relax. I am thinking about trying this on my horse because he tends to get a wee bit excited. I would really like to know what you think on this subject. Thanks!
Ive tried it on Maddison. I just held it under her nose and let her come to me and sniff it. She seemed to really like it stood there for ages and sniffed it. I think it calmed her down :)
Yep it works really well, mums arab cut his legs up pretty bad and I had to change his dressings but he wouldn't stand still so I sprayed a lavender water mix around him and let it work for a few min, he let me do everything even clip the pony tied up next to him without flinching. (he hates the clipper sound and normally freeks out)
I'm so glad to hear that this is a good idea! I am going to a dressage show soon and I am going to let Splash sniff some lavender when we get to the new place because he tends to get worried whenever we go to a show, it should make him relax and perform a whole lot better, thanks a bunch!!:)
I don't think synthesized perfume would have the same effect, Real Lavender is hard to copy. I am a lavender addict, I can tell the real thing a mile off, and HATE lavender flavoured smells.
I really think that you need the real thing! Im not keen on the lavender flavoured smells either
I, on good advice, applied Lavendar Essential Oil to pulse points on my first hack on my pony yesterday... only I ended up not riding her but another one as my daughter rode ours. My mount was mardy, perhaps she didn't get a good whiff of it?

I must say that my pony was extremely well behaved, even being tacked up with a new bridle and me fumbling about trying to get it adjusted and the stiff leather done up, undone and done up again! The scent helped me too :D
Equine dentist lady brought lavender (the essential oil) to help calm my mare down. She simply loosened the bottle top and brought the aroma near to the horse's nose. She did this a few times during the session, and it seemed to have a magic effect. The oil is fairly expensive, but it seems you don't have to use much. Apparently it's good to put a few drops on the saddle cloth before a ride, too.
I wouldn't give a horse lavender to eat... I don't think it would be to good for them and I don't think it would taste very good! It's the smell of the plant that works.
I guess if it doesn't taste good they wouldn't eat it anyway. The horse I used to ride last year was very picky even about the grass she ate. She would wander all over smelling everything and just pick out some here and there. It was pretty cute and I kept wondering what was wrong with most of the grass! Thanks for the answer.
Apparently very aged grooms (think Black Beauty here) used to use it on pulse points as it disguises your aroma of fear/apprehension and therefore your horse will not pick up on your nerves. Where on earth do I read this stuff - I have no idea!!
I am going to sprinkler lavender in my horses bedding. He is rehabbing and seems dressed and sad. What do you think ?
We grow lavender, as did my mother, to make into lavender bags to keep moths away from our clothes. Yardley's Lavender water was everywhere when I was young, probably because it was English made and France was in enemy hands. Yardley's lavender was my childhood introduction to perfume. But I havent ever actually bought any, nor imagined that it was a calmer

(following advice, I dont put on scent when I am going to the yard to ride).
Our horse dentist uses it before he does his stuff, but in truth, I think the horses are calm because he's so chilled and gentle.