Let Them Eat Cake


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Apr 25, 2003
It's mum and dad's diamond wedding tomorrow, so i had to make the cake.

First batch of 3 went to the hens, consistency wrong, too puddingy, fell apart, tasted great, but not suitable! Tasted great but impossible to hold together.

Second batch turned out ok, then came the icing.

First batch, mixed up in the kenwood and for some reason the beater despite being straight out of the washer, had a black powder on them, so i ended up with grey icing.....not a good time to discover no more icing sugar and nearest supermarket is 1 hour away.

Second lot worked ok, and have just finished them off, ready for tomorrow.




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Apr 25, 2003
it's amazing how a bit of ribbon can hide a multitude of sins! icing is not my strong point, i can't do anything fancy, so i just slap it on and hope i can get it a bit level, and then stick stuff on top to make it look better!


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Oct 14, 2010
... and we all believed you had hand crafted those beautiful flowers from icing!

The cakes look absolutely stunning. It is truly a shame to have to cut them. you must be really pleased and satisfied with how fab they look


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Aug 5, 2009
Lovely pics of your Mum and Dad - and do think your Mum was very clever with her choice of top - it sort of compliments the colour of the cake decorations doesn't it?:smile:
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