Libby has moved ...


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Sep 17, 2006
at the farm, near the zoo
I actually never thought it would happen in the end but it has and what a huge sigh of relief .......

Yesterday's injury when loading had clearly knocked her confidence. I hired transport that was advertised as being suitable for two 16.2's ... well Libs is only 15.2 and she didnt fit. Ended up with her poll being injured, bleeding everywhere and I had to get vet! Spent 6 hours at yard and achieved nothing except having a fat vets bill :(

She was shaking and quivering all over when we tried to load her today. Today's lorry was a huge spacious luxury new 7.5 tonne lorry which she had been in before so she had nothing to be anxious about on the face of it

After 20 minutes of trying I was persuaded to give her some sedalin to take the edge of her .... 4.5 hours later she was practically snoring - not reactive to anything, either food or what we were doing, it was like her brain had switched off and she was dead

Just by co-incidence we had a horse whisperer out to a few other people on the yard today. I don't necessarily believe in these things but she told me the following

1. She asked what I'd given Libs this morning (sedalin) as it doesn't agree with her. it's made her light headed and sick. Sorry Libs I won't use it again

2. She knew Libs had been to vets this week

3. She said Libs is fed up keep going on and off lorries. She doesn't understand what is happening and is confused by it all

4. She said that she thinks I'm trying to load her again as I'm going to sell her and that worries her

5. She said she'd had an accident in a horse lorry before and thats why she is unsure

After 4.5/5 hours I said to the lady whose lorry it is, this isn't no going to happen I'm not believing anymore. Literally 30 seconds later Libby goes straight on. I sobbed/cried with relief ...... I thought she was never ever going to move her and she'd be stuck there forever. The people on our yard who spent 7 hours helping me move her today do not realise how grateful I am ... they are seriously amazing

She travelled amazingly well, no drop of sweat on her and turned straight out into her "sick" paddock as she's mean to be in a small area for 5 days following her treatment. She didn't run around or fret or neigh ... just grazed so chilled

See I told you it would be fine Libs, glad you are settled and I hope you know I will always do my best for you as you are my baby x


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Jan 7, 2013
What a huge relief for you and for Libby,well done on the patience and hard work mentally and physically that must have taken.and what a lucky lucky girl to have such a wonderful mum :)


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Sep 17, 2006
at the farm, near the zoo
What a huge relief for you and for Libby,well done on the patience and hard work mentally and physically that must have taken.and what a lucky lucky girl to have such a wonderful mum :)

It was draining .... the moment I had given up she just went on. It was a miracle. I just burst into floods of tears .... until reality struck and realised Libs was panicking slightly once she realised she was on so I then dived over to try and calm her down with a food bucket! Thank you ... I'm not sure I am but I will always try

Poor Libby, poor you. So glad it is over, well done for helping her through it. 7 hours, good grief! You toughed it out.

I can't believe it either. Literally spent 14/15 hours over one weekend moving my horse and Ive got a whole house to pack up too!

She is so settled already in her new home. Its like she's been there years .... no trouble at all


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Sep 14, 2009
Oh poor you, so stressful moving horses houses. Even more stressful than moving your own.

Am so pleased she is happy.
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