Like this horse too but he has sarcoids - how serious are they?


Aug 30, 2007
Another horse I've seen, seemed very cheap and too good to be true ...

Rang up, apparently lovely horse in every way, not a world beater but safe and sensible and easy in all ways, nicely schooled, exc to hack, good allrounder, been privately owned by a lady for last 6 years, lady now emigrated, heartbreaking sale apparently. Anyway he has 2 sarcoids (or warts as she called them), don't interfere with tack/rugs, vet has seen them said not to worry. Seller said they can be removed for about £100 (?) or just left, anyway this is why he is cheap but lovely in every other way and they are open to vetting etc.

I know nothing about sarcoids, how risky are they - what does anyone think?


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Mar 8, 2007
Knee deep in muck
If they're only little and don't interfere with tack, then I'd go for a look: my lad has 2 tiny warts in out of the way places. He looks nice.:) You might find they're excluded on an insurance policy and will be mentioned on a 5 stage if you're gonna bother with one at his price.


Aug 30, 2007
thingstodotoday, didn't get her name as once she mentioned sarcoids I was put off but I think I know where you're coming from, she has a connection with S Hendry? Ah yes

BIrish, yes I know what you mean, I'm very wary (still like the lovely chestnut in Ireland by the way - just had a bit of family crisis the last 2 weeks so everything has been on hold)


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Nov 13, 2007
BIrish, yes I know what you mean, I'm very wary (still like the lovely chestnut in Ireland by the way - just had a bit of family crisis the last 2 weeks so everything has been on hold)

Sorry to hear that :( Hope things are ok with you... No worries from here though.. anytime :)

Just to be clear - the sarcoids wouldn't be my first worry with this horse.. ;)


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Jun 6, 2007
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we have a pony with them on our yard and I'd never ever buy one with them - seeing what they can become like, I'd never even consider the most perfect pony in the world if it had even the sniff of one


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Mar 15, 2008
are they definately sarcoids and they have been vet tested, not just looked at. the reason i say this is jack has over 60 lumps, we've tested him which came back as inconclusive, i've also done blood tests which showed an allergy instead.

he had a collection of these lumps when i bought him as price was right, i know what lumps can turn into but as any pony can develop illness at any time, i'll cross the bridge when needed.
Might be sarcoids didnt put me off, he might break a leg doesnt stop you buying.
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Aug 5, 2008
North Yorkshire
Hi we looked at a 5 year old fell cross and the vetting showed up 2 small warts, pos sarcoids not where tack was but the vet said he wouldn't touch any horse with sarcoids.:eek: It can be removed but can come back and if it goes where tack is they are unrideable. That put me off!!! Didn't matter how cheap.;)


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Dec 30, 2006
Joy has one that has never ever done anything and having been left alone it is shrinking of its own accord.

Having said that I won't be facile and say that I think that sarcoids aren't serious, they CAN be.

A lot depends on the type and once your horse has them there is an increased likelyhood of them getting another one.


On a different note, we have a home bred horse on the yard who has 2 sarcoids. They do flare up from time to time and I know my YM has some stuff to treat them with etc...but they don't interfere with his tack or him really.

Saying that, having read the comments from those who know the seller, I'd trust that rather than just an opinion on sarcoids.
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