little help???


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Apr 7, 2008
Wrexham, N. Wales
Im going to an Equine Uni in september and to qualify for the equitation module you have to ride to BHS Stage 2 (assessment)

i havnt taken any exams but have been riding since i was 6 but at the moment im not at Stage 2 standard.

i just feel that i will be miles behind everyone in ability and experience ( only ever had riding lessons/hacks and not much theory knowledge and yard experience)

im having 1 riding lesson and 2 hacks a week but im not progressing fast enough to make the deadline.

i want to get onto the module to improve and gain knowledge but i dont wanna be the worst in the class and holding everyone back.

grrrr :( im not sure what i can do


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Apr 30, 2009
i would swap to 2 lessons and 1 hack a week. because most RS dont teach you when hacking, which is down to the escorts, esepically when they have a hack wth diff abilities (its a pain for the escort that wants to help as well)

also if you do get onto it dont feel that your holding people back, everyone is at different levels and the minimum requirment is there so that it allows different levels of people to do it.

also you said you just have to be able to ride, so the theory level might not be as hard as you think, for yard tasks think common sense.

also you will be surprised how many people can ride well but have no practical knowledge or experience
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