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Aug 25, 2004
Epping Forest Essex
Doing some research on livery yards and I no that none of us want to pay through the roof. What sort of prices would you expect to pay on a reasonable livery yard on DIY feeding in and rug changes? What bedding? or would you prefer to pay a certain amount per week and get add lib bedding?


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Feb 8, 2006
Herts/Essex border
I currently pay £15 a week for a stable and field DIY but £25 - £30 is more normal around here. I used to get charged 50p to have him fed and £1.50 per rug change and turnout/get in. I would expect straw to be available to buy or share delivery but to get in my own shavings or other bedding if I chose. Again I prefer bedding not to be included especially as at my last yard that meant that everyone wasted straw and hay because they wanted to get their moneys worth. Plenty of storage is also good for rugs and straw/hay etc.