Long riding boot sizing advice


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Apr 6, 2021
Looking jn to getting some new (second hand probably) long riding boots. I used to have mountain horse high riders which I wore out. I would like to get the same. However, calf size? I always used to have to get wide boots. I have measured my calves and they are 38 cm. the regular width boots say 36 - 38 cm. the wide say 40 - 43. Would the regular be ok or a bit tight? The wide would be too wide now I think. I never thought I would be in this situation šŸ˜‚ eBay have some lovely looking ones but they are wide.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I have always bought MH High Riders and needed the wide calf. I find the regular ones okay - but they are only just okay, and the zips take more stick if you are using them regularly and they are only just a fit. I don't have wide legs either - in other boots I buy regular calf width. But experience of the MH boots in the past left me buying the wide fitting. I used to get the short height too, but I'm not even sure they still do them. I think in some ways zipped long boots can be harder to get over jodhs or breeches than skinny jeans! Of course it depends on the material your jodhs are made from, I know some are quite thin aren't they. I bought the Shires Moretta long riding boots in regular and they are fine and I also have Shires Pamina ones but got wide in those because I wanted something easy on and off.(they have a little bit of stretch in the back panel too) which are comfortable. It's really personal preference though, if you're patient (I am not) and feel that you'll be okay zipping them up time and time again over your jodhs then go for the regular. I don't think there is that much difference - but I think the little bit of extra can help prolong the zip life. Over the years I have had probably along the lines of 8 pairs of MH boots. Of those all bar one the zips died on me!


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Apr 6, 2021
Interesting. It was the zips that went on mine. The 38 cm is over my jodhs. The boots would be just used for infrequent competitions.

There is a second hand tack shop just down the road. I would maybe be better going there and trying them on.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
If it's for infrequent use I'd go for the wide, you can always add a pair of long socks to take up some slack if you need to and it's soo much more comfortable than boots that are a little snug!


Nov 10, 2014
I would rather my boots were a bit wider than too tight. Also I layer in the winter as I have poor circulation so I need a bit more give šŸ˜…
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