Long time


lifelong sufferer of restless brain syndrome
Oct 28, 2004
Sorry to read about your heart attack, hope you are well now.
Is Scully staying in Italy permanently? Katharine said she was still giving her riders a good leg workout :p
Hi Pete's Mum thanks for the welcome.

Joosie, yes I am well now, thanks. Scully is now becoming much better off the leg and I just have to squeeze lightly behind the girth and she is trotting - the canter departs are still a bit exciting at times, more so on the right rein that she finds difficult but they are working on that. She is out there for the foreseeable future.

Meeting up with Katherine was so odd - there she was chatting about her horses in Portugal and her dispute with her partner and I just said, "Did Jess work for you??" Small world!
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